Celebrating three years as the main driver behind women's sports

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The Iberdrola group has renewed in 2019 the agreement it signed in 2016 to become the main driver behind the Universo Mujer program, the most ambitious plan to encourage and develop women's sport in Spain. Through this agreement, the company supports 16 federations.

Loyal to its commitment to equal opportunities and promoting and empowering women, the Iberdrola group reached an agreement in 2016 with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport to become the main driver behind the CSD (Higher Sports Council) Universo Mujer program. Universo Mujer is a comprehensive plan to help women's personal and collective development within society, and which aims to encourage initiatives that contribute to social improvement and transformation through sporting values.

Iberdrola has renewed its commitment with the CSD in 2019 and continues to support Spanish sports federations that stand out for:

  • promoting and increasing women's participation in sport at every level,
  • having programs that encourage sport from the grass-roots level and other social projects, and
  • having an extraordinary track record and high levels of participation.


The Iberdrola group collaborates with 16 women's sporting federations: athletics, badminton, handball, boxing, winter sports, fencing, football, gymnastics, hockey, karate, rugby, canoeing, triathlon, table tennis, surfing and volleyball.

Notably, the company is the principal sponsoring partner of the Spanish national team, the Spanish under-19s and under-17s, the Copa de la Reina and the Women's Football First Division, aka the Iberdrola League.

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Iberdrola has pledged its commitments until 2021 and was awarded the Best Women's Football Initiative at the latest edition of the World Football Summit.

The group is also the sponsor of the Iberdrola Rugby League and the Spanish women's rugby XV, the current European champions, known as las Leonas. Iberdrola's presence in rugby is down to it being one of the sports which best exemplifies the concept of teamwork.

As for gymnastics, Iberdrola's commitment began in 2017 with the creation of the first edition of the Iberdrola Women's Artistic Gymnastics League, extending to rhythmic gymnastics in 2018. Through this commitment, the company offers Spanish gymnasts the possibility of progressing and competing with guaranteed success in major international events.

2018 saw the first iteration of the Iberdrola Triathlon League, a women's competition that shares the company's values of commitment, resilience, teamwork, equality and balance. What's more, the presentation of the women's athletics league and cup gave a boost to a category which has more than 30,000 federated sportswomen in Spain — 43% of existing licences —and growing public support from all ages.

In the field of women's handball, the company sponsors the Iberdrola Guerreras League, the national team and events such as an all-star game and the Iberdrola Guerreras Awards.


Throughout these three years, the Iberdrola group has supported and encouraged a huge number of women's sports stars and has celebrated all of the many milestones achieved. Some of the most recent and the most high-profile include:

  • World record attendance at a women's football match in the Iberdrola League on 17 March 2019: Atlético de Madrid – FC Barcelona, 60,739 spectators
  • Las Leonas, crowned European rugby champions in 2019 for the fourth year in a row. On 29 March 2019, the women's rugby XV easily beat the Netherlands 54-0 in a match that will go down in history as having the biggest crowd ever seen at a women's rugby game in Spain.
  • Sandra Sánchez, 2018 karate world champion and European karate champion in 2019 for the fifth year in a row.
  • Ana Peleteiro, European indoor triple jump champion and holder of a Spanish athletics record with a colossal jump of 14.73 metres.
  • Joana Pastrana, world boxing champion for the third time in 2019.
  • Carolina Marín, European and world badminton champion for the third time in 2018.
  • Teresa Portela, gold medal in the 2018 Mediterranean Games (K1 200 metres).

By promoting women's sport, Iberdrola strengthens its commitment to promoting talent, effective equality and social development, values that form an essential part of the pillars of the company.

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