Iberdrola Supera Awards

Recognising people and organisations that foster female empowerment through sport

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As part of our commitment to promoting gender equality, we organise the Iberdrola Supera Awards to recognise and give visibility to the best initiatives in Spain in favour of equality and the empowerment of women through sport.

Categories of the 2023 Iberdrola Supera Awards

Iberdrola Supera Base

Recognition and support to that activity, project and/or program that stands out for the promotion of grassroots sports among girls (up to 16 years of age) for the improvement of health, integration and quality of life of people.

Iberdrola Supera Competición

This category of the Supera Awards will value the recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that facilitates the incorporation of women into competition, in any of its modalities.


Iberdrola Supera Inclusión

Recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that is an example of inclusion in the practice of sports for athletes with special abilities.


Iberdrola Supera Social

Recognition and support of activities, projects and/or programs that promote the social integration of women through sports.


Iberdrola Supera Difusión

Recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that is a reference in the dissemination of sports practiced by women and contributes to transmit the importance of the role of women in sports and in society.

Supera Salud Mental

Recognition and support for any activity, project and/or program that, through science and/or technology, aims to promote research, development and innovation in the field of sport.

 Legal bases [PDF] (Spanish version)


The deadline for submitting nominations for the 4th edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards ended on 4 June. The winners of the six awards will be announced at a ceremony scheduled for the last quarter of the year.

The final decision will be made by a Jury of Honour that has already been selected by the Technical Committee of the Awards. This year, the jury will be made up of renowned personalities from the world of sport and sports communication, such as Jesús Carballo, Manu Carreño, Carolina Marín, Sandra Sánchez, Paloma del Río, Marta Arce, Ona Carbonell, Susanna Griso, Eli Pinedo, Sonsoles Onega, Teresa Perales and Vicente del Bosque.

How the finalists of the Iberdrola Supera Awards are chosen

Iberdrola grants six awards — one for each category —, together with a money prize of €50,000 each. A Technical Committee selects the finalist proposals in each category and the Honorary Panel elects the six winners.

21 March to 4 June
Submission of applications
Before 4 June
Designation of the Jury of Honour
End of 2023
Awards Ceremony

Objectives of the Iberdrola Supera Awards

The Iberdrola Supera Awards External link, opens in new window. aim to recognise and support projects, programmes and initiatives that contribute to attaining the following objectives:

  • Encourage the practice of sports by women.
  • Provide better facilities and equipment for the practice of women's sports.
  • Generate programs of family, social and educational conciliation for sportswomen.
  • Develop initiatives that promote the growth of grassroots women's sports.
  • To value the successes and give visibility to sportswomen and their competitions, creating new references in society in women's sports.
  • Promote real equality and empowerment of women in society in general.


How the third edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards went

The awards ceremony for the third edition of the Supera Awards was held in Madrid on 30 November 2022. Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola, was in charge of presenting the awards to the winners, recognising the promotion of equality through sport with a total of €300,000, which will be used to make the winning projects in each of the six categories a reality.

The Jury of Honour was made up of Susanna Griso, Sonsoles Ónega, Eli Pinedo, Ona Carbonell, Amanda Sampedro, Carolina Marín, Javier Fernández, Jesús Carballo, Manu Carreño, Marta Arce, Paloma del Río, Sandra Sánchez, Silvia Navarro, Teresa Perales and Vicente del Bosque.

The winners have known the verdict in an event hosted by the journalist Aurora González announced the verdict of the awards in a gala hosted by the illusionist Jorge Luengo and the singer Luz Casal. The event was also attended by the President of the National Sports Council, José Manuel Franco; the Secretary General of the Spanish Olympic Committee, María Victoria Cabezas; the President of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda; the Delegate Councillor for Sport of Madrid City Council, Sofía Miranda; representatives of the 32 National Sports Federations sponsored by the company; and a good number of Iberdrola Ambassadors, such as Carolina Marín (badminton), Ona Carbonell (synchronised swimming), and Teresa Perales (swimming), among others.

The prizes awarded by Iberdrola to the 6 selected winners will be used to finance the sports and inclusive projects developed in the Supera Base, Supera Competición, Supera Inclusión, Supera Social, Supera Difusión and Supera Salud Mental categories. Each of them received a prize of 50,000 euros.

The winners were:

  • Club Getxo Irristan in the Supera Base category
  • Club Deportivo Pingüinos Rugby Burgos in the Supera Competición category
  • Delikia Sports Club in the Supera Inclusión category
  • The BCS project in the Supera Social category
  • EXTV: Conquistadoras', a documentary series for Extremadura Televisión in the Supera Difusión category
  • AFFIT by Amparo Folch project: Train your wings in the category Supera Salud Mental

Committed to SDG 5

Gender equality — the subject of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 — is one of the essential values of Iberdrola group and forms part of its social dividend. In 2016, with the approval of its Equal opportunities and work-life balance policy, the company was a pioneer in its firm, global commitment to equality and the empowerment of women.

Iberdrola promotes equal opportunities, work-life balance, and employee fulfilment within the organisation and in society at large. This commitment is embodied in its support for women's sport, which it sees as the perfect vehicle for achieving this goal and also a way to create female role-models in society and encourage healthy life-style habits from an early age.