The starting gun has sounded for the Iberdrola Triathlon League

More and more women are getting into this very new sport. An example of equality for all the other sporting disciplines, in which the distances, prizes and recognition are the same for everyone.

Family photo of the presentation of the Iberdrola Triathlon League.#RRSSFamily photo of the presentation of the Iberdrola Triathlon League.

The headquarters of the National Sports Council was the venue for the presentation of the Iberdrola Triathlon League, a six-event, three-city competition that is part of the Spanish Triathlon Federation program. After the two first match days of the league (Iberdrola Queen's Cup and Spanish Relay Triathlon Championship), held in May in Águilas (Murcia), and the third and fourth (Spanish Clubs and Mixed Relay Championships), which took place in Boiro (Galicia), the Liga Iberdrola 2019 final was held on 26 and 27 October in Seville (Andalusia), with Cidade de Lugo Fluvial as the winner.


José Ramón Lete, president of the National Sports Council was the agreement was signed, thanked "the Spanish Triathlon Federation and Iberdrola for their work" in supporting this sport. The values that underpin the development of the Iberdrola Triathlon League "are commitment, improvement, teamwork, equality and family-work conciliation. Values that the company puts forward in its policies and are also part of our sport."

The president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI), José Hidalgo, noted that "equality is in the DNA of this sport, as is shown by the figures: 6,000 women's sports licences, three chairwomen or vice-chairwomen, three female technical directors and seven female general secretaries at the Spanish Triathlon Federation, and so on". Despite some unusual figures for the sport "and numbers that continue to grow, we are not content; we want more and we understand that policies must continue to be made that lead to more records being made and more women entering triathlon in all the areas represented by the federation," said Hidalgo.


The support for FETRI to develop the women's area more "comes from Iberdrola and the National Sports Council. Thanks to them, we have been able to create slots for women and triathlon on television, we have been able to organise various Triathlon and Women events, a campus for women triathletes and leadership events, and we continue to tackle projects along the same lines."

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The new Iberdrola Triathlon League is part of this "with many nods to equality. We have changed the formats of the competitions so that women have more visibility. There will be the same number of male and female judges monitoring the competitions and, thanks to Iberdrola, we have increased the prize money for the clubs."

José Ramón Lete also highlighted the figures to applaud "the increase in the presence of women" and said he was "satisfied but not content. We are not resigned and we must not be." For the President of the National Sports Council, "the parity that occurred in the Olympic Games shows that we have improved a lot, but we must continue to work to improve even more."

Lastly, José Hidalgo said that "the only way to continue to grow and improve is to do what we have typically been doing at the Spanish Triathlon Federation," which was voted the best National Federation by the European Triathlon Union in 2017. "We have to maintain a spirit of being innovative, being better and constantly demanding that we improve, and to do things that others do not," said the president of FETRI. "This is the path we are following and that we must follow with the best partners, like Iberdrola and the National Sports Council," he concluded.


The Spanish Triathlon Federation was one of the first to be sponsored by Iberdrola, by signing an agreement with the National Sports Council (CSD) as part of the Women's Universe program.

Therefore, the company has become the main sponsor of this multi-stage sport, known for combining swimming, cycling and running, which has become one of the sporting disciplines that has received the most support nationwide over the past few years.

The main goal behind Iberdrola's sponsorship of FETRI is to help young hopefuls to gain a position in the rankings of international competitions so that women's triathlon can continue to grow. In the words of Ignacio Galán, "the achievements of our athletes would be even more impressive if the conditions for female athletes were better so that they could concentrate on their sporting careers and gain better access to professionalism, with the same conditions as men."

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Iberdrola supports several competitions in this discipline, including the Triathlon World Cup, of which it is the official sponsor. At the 2019 competition in Madrid, Anna Godoy took fifth position, which will give her a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.