Dialogue with interest groups

As part of its strategy of relations with stakeholders, Iberdrola develops a set of communication and dialogue channels with environmental interest groups. Through these means, Iberdrola communicate the objectives, actions taken and achievements of the company in this field, and to receive feedback and requests from the interested parties in the area of the environment.

Environmental Stakeholders: Iberdrola addresses priority matters for the environmental stakeholders through its strategy: strategies: eco-efficiency: emissions


Environment suggestion box and e-mail - medioambiente@iberdrola.es, available on Iberdrola's intranet and extranet.

  • Surveys, meetings and other types of contact with different social groups.
  • Preliminary consultations and those resulting from public information in the infrastructure implementation processes.
  • Collaboration projects.
  • Third-party evaluations and ratings, including those by socially responsible investment analysts.
  • Environmental Forum made up of external experts and people with influence from fields such as environmental regulation in order to share points of view with external experts and external leaders in this field in order to obtain feedback on its efficiency and effectiveness.


As a result of internal and external analyses, Iberdrola has identified the following priorities issues for environmental Stakeholders and that responds through its strategy:

  • Strategies related to the future of energy sources.
  • Eco-efficiency.
  • Emissions that cause the greenhouse effect.
  • Waste.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Setting objetives for environmental indicators.


In Spain, relations and/or collaboration projects are maintained with a variety of Administrations and social organisations. The list of actions included at the end reflects some of them. In the specific case of environmental NGOs, environmental projects have been carried out with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife), the Global Nature Foundation, the Tormes Foundation, the Naturgintza Foundation and the Urdaibai Foundation.

Collaboration projects have also been carried out with institutions such as the Biodiversity Foundation and UNESCO (through Unesco –Etxea).

In the United Kingdom, collaboration ties are maintained with several groups, such as the Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural England, Fisheries Boards, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), WWF, Friends from the Earth Scotland and Wildlife Trust.


International entities

Spanish entities

Entities in the United Kingdom