Main environmental matters that affect Iberdrola's activity

The information included on the website takes into account the expectations of the environmental groups with which the company has contact, and is focused on the main environmental matters that affect Iberdrola's activity.

All the information provided on both environmental strategy and management, and performance indicators is related to the activities carried out by the companies managed directly by Iberdrola and separately by other group companies — subsidiaries —, with more attention given to the former.

A Control Panel for the correct management of environmental indicators has been developed at group level. The assessment of the group's environmental performance and ongoing improvement is handled through the environmental Control Panel and the results of the Corporate Environmental Footprint, which make it possible to analyse environmental behaviour globally and by business, thereby facilitating decisions on environmental improvement projects for the whole group. This control panel is the element of the system that determines the quality of the established environmental strategy, defines mitigation criteria for environmental risk for the group, serves to calculate the value generated by the strategy and, specifically, provides coherence to the global system by guaranteeing the convergence of the group's strategic environmental goals with the specific ones for each business area.

The aim is to ensure that the information published is relevant and comprehensive, and the stakeholder groups have response capacity. That's why we offer them our Environment Mailbox, for any suggestion, question or clarification on the environmental information posted on the website.

The information on the performance indicators reflects the company's environmental results as regards the production facility indicators:


The activities taken into account in order to determine the information boundaries in the environmental dimension are those carried out by Iberdrola in those countries in which the company's presence is more significant in terms of sustainability. Information is updated annually in the Sustainability Report in point "G4-17 Entities included in the organisation's consolidated financial statements and in the boundary of this report".

In these countries the same procedures and processes that are applied in the group are guaranteed and, therefore, so are all of the resulting labour guarantees, fundamental rights and environmental protection guarantees.

Iberdrola promotes sustainable development policies similar to those applied in the group in the companies in which it holds a share (investee companies). These companies describe, as applicable, their sustainability policies and actions in their own public communications and on their corporate websites. The environmental aspect of the information regarding these companies that is available online covers the investee companies that are most important to the group in terms of sustainability, the ones active in the production, distribution and sale of electricity and gas.

Due to their significance and materiality, the aforementioned boundaries include:

  • Nuclear plants in which the company has an interest (joint property entities that own the Trillo/Almaraz and Ascó/Vandellós nuclear plants, and NUCLENOR, S.A.).
  • The most significant activities carried out by the Brazilian group Neoenergia, engaged in the generation, distribution, and retail supply of energy, which activities are conducted through Neoenergia, S.A. and its subsidiaries: the distributors Coelba, Cosern, and Celpe and the generation companies Itapebi, Afluente, and Termopernambucoand the interest in the Brazilian generation companies Energyworks Brasil, Ltda. and Capuava Energy, Ltda.

Also included within the environmental boundary is the information regarding the interest in the Spanish combined cycle plant owned by Bahía de Bizkaia Electricidad, S.L. and regarding the Brazilian Bahia, Rio, Goiás Sul, Corumbá, Baguari, and Dardanelos hydroelectric plants owned by the Neoenergia Group.

Type of commercial activity: LIB: activities in liberalised markets, independently of distribution activities. REG: activities in regulated markets, along with distribution activities. Supplying these markets has not been considered a wholesale activity.

These activities are detailed on