We promote training and research on innovative and sustainable projects

Iberdrola is working on ensuring universal access to energy services, boosting knowledge in specific areas of science, energy and information technology and R&D projects, in collaboration with universities and institutions.

The company practices an open and decentralised model of R&D management, which highlights the participation of technology providers, companies, universities, technology centres, industrial organisations and public institutions, etc. through programs and agreements.

These special collaborations represent an important path to:

  • Foster University-Business-Society knowledge transfer.
  • Promote the launch of R&D projects in different areas, such as smart grids, alternative and renewable energies and in relation to ensuring universal access to energy services, among others.
  • Promoting specialised training in the fields of greatest interest to Iberdrola.
  • Materialising social commitment with allocation models that are affordable and inclusive.

An example is Iberdrola's Supplier Innovation Program, which focuses on three pillars: facilitating access to financing mechanisms, fostering the joint creation of companies (spin-offs with suppliers) and favouring innovative purchasing from small and medium-sized enterprises. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Iberdrola will share good practices in relation to innovative acquisition procedures, as well as co-investment opportunities within the framework of the INNVIERTE program.


  • Iberdrola Manuel Marín Chair at the College of Europe

    From this academic year on, the Chair of European energy policy at the College of Europe will be called the Iberdrola Manuel Marín Chair. The aim of this chair is to teach, research and debate the energy policies within the European Union.

    During the opening ceremony for the College of Europe's 69th academic year, the former president of the Iberdrola Foundation, Manuel Marín, who died in December 2017, was named Patron of the Class of 2018/19.

    The main activities promoted by the Iberdrola Manuel Marín Chair will include teaching a subject on energy policy; organising high-level conferences with key players in the energy policy legislative process, as well as seminars and workshops; research work and, finally, fostering relations between European institutions and reference associations.

    The College of Europe, located in the Belgian city of Bruges, is one of the most prestigious university institutions in the Old World, specialising in European studies. Manuel Marín obtained his first scholarship there and formed part of one of the first graduating classes of Spanish students, in 1973. He later became a lecturer and president of its Board of Directors, between 1990 and 1996.

    Marín was in charge of the Iberdrola España Foundation from 2008. Thanks to his extensive international experience and willingness to integrate, he managed to seal the company's firm commitment to the energy, cultural and social development of the communities in which Iberdrola operates, promoting initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of life of many people.

  • Orkestra Energía Chair (Basque Institute of Competitiveness) - Deusto Foundation

    Orkestra is an initiative launched by the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, which pertains to the Deusto Foundation, an organisation devoted to transferring scientific knowledge to society. Through this organisation, Iberdrola participates as a trustee in the Energy Chair, created in 2011, which works around four areas:

    • Energy and market economy
    • Transport and energy
    • Energy, technology and industry: competitiveness and industrial development
    • Energy geopolitics
  • Iberdrola Chair for the Establishment of Universal Access to Basic Energy Services, in collaboration with the UPM

    This Chair was created in response to a call from the international community to governments, companies, civil society and the academic world to join forces with a view to widening global access to modern forms of energy through environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially inclusive supply models. Iberdrola and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), through its Centre for Innovation in Technologies for Human Development (itdUPM), join forces to train, disseminate and identify possible R&D actions that give rise to innovative projects in the field of universal access to energy services.

     Video Iberdrola Chair - UPM (Spanish version)

  • King Felipe VI Endowed Chair in Information Science and Related Technologies (UNM)

    The purpose of this Chair created in 2000 at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is to further research and acquire knowledge within specific areas of science, information technology and energy, preferably in smart grids and alternative and renewable energy sources.

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