Dedicated support for the academic world

We support education, technology transfer and the globalisation of energy services through agreements with universities.

Iberdrola practices an open and decentralised model of R+D+I management, which highlights the participation of technology providers, companies, universities, technology centers, industrial organisations and public institutions through programs and agreements.

Special partnerships with the world of academia and science through a range of initiatives is one of the most significant ways of:

  • Promoting University-Business technology transfer.
  • Establishing a framework for collaboration for the launch of R&D+I projects and training initiatives in common areas of interest.
  • Promoting specialised training in the fields of greatest interest to Iberdrola.
  • Materialising social commitment.



  • Iberdrola Chair for the Globalisation of Basic Power Services

    This chair was created in response to a call from the international community to governments, companies and civil society to join forces with a view to increasing global access to modern forms of energy, with environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially inclusive supply models. Iberdrola and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), through its Centre for Innovation in Technologies for Human Development (itdUPM), join forces to train, disseminate and identify possible R+D+i actions that give rise to innovative projects in the field of globalisation of energy services.

     Vídeo Iberdrola Chair - UPM

  • Iberdrola 8th Centenary Chair at the University of Salamanca

    This is the first of the 8th Centenary Chairs (Spanish version) included within the University's Excellence Programme (USAL) and approved by the Interinstitutional Commission to commemorate the eight centuries of existence of the USAL in 2018. Through a system of public-private partnership, the aim is to create units for research, teaching, and –where appropriate– transfer, designed to incorporate prestigious researchers into the academic institution. It will serve to promote innovation, teaching and internationalisation in fields of knowledge such as biodiversity, the protection of the environment, renewable energies and digitisation.

  • Orkestra's Energy Department (Basque Institute of Competitiveness) - Deusto Foundation

    Energy and market economy; transport and energy; energy, technology and industry; and energy geopolitics are the four themed work categories covered by this chair, which seeks solutions through debate for achieving an economically efficient and environmentally sustainable energy that contributes to competitive and industrial development.

  • Iberdrola Chair in Energy and Innovation at the University of Comillas-ICAI

    Within the framework of this chair, the recent ODICEO agreement allows Iberdrola to extend its support for the development of technology and innovation companies with a high potential for economic growth.

  • The King Felipe VI Chair in Information Science and Related Technologies

    This aim of this chair at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is to engage in research and to advance knowledge in specific areas within the fields of science, information technology and energy, preferably in smart grids and alternative and renewable energy.

  • Partnerships with the University of Strathclyde

    ScottishPower Chair in Smart Grid Technology

    Constituted by ScottishPower with the University of Strathclyde, the chair carries out research to tackle some of the challenges facing the energy sector and serves as a basis for reinforcing international impact and industrial consortia in this area of engineering.

    Technology Innovation Centre (TIC)

    The University of Strathclyde has developed the Technology Innovation Centre, which is transforming the way in which academics, businesses, industry and the public sector collaborate to give Scotland a global competitive edge. The TIC offers a wide range of research and innovation areas, in which energy is one of the main areas of activity.

    Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC)

    The Power Networks Demonstration Centre was jointly created by the University of Strathclyde, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Finance Council, Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern Energy, with the purpose of accelerating the integration of new smart technologies in the electricity sector. ScottishPower is actively collaborating with the PNDC in the development of different R+D projects in these areas.

  • Iberdrola's Supplier Innovation Programme

    Focuses on three pillars (spanish version): providing access to the financing mechanisms, driving the joint creation of companies (spin-offs with suppliers) and fostering innovative acquisitions to small and medium enterprises. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Iberdrola will share good practices in relation to innovative acquisition procedures, as well as co-investment opportunities within the framework of the INNVIERTE programme.