Adding value, productivity and efficiency


R&D&I in other areas: Systems value to the business. Competitiveness, productivity, internet of things, big data, user experience.

In 2015, Systems continued with the development of innovative projects which provide value to the business, enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and to increase productivity and efficiency.

Among the main projects we can point out in Spain the new GIS (Geographic Information System) for Networks, and in the United States, IT has begun with the modernization of the Networks Customer Relationship Management. On the other hand, in Brazil it highlights the implementation of Human Resources Global Corporate Processes and in Scotland continues with the new data management system of the smart meters, and Smart Foundation as a communication platform of the smart meters with the commercial network of the United Kingdom.

In addition, IT promotes the development of innovation pilots in different geographies and businesses:


  • By countries

    In Brazil, it has begun a pilot of "Internet of Things" for socialization network equipment, in such a way that a faulty transformer can send messages to customers through social networks.

    In the United States has been tested an Outage Common Information Model (CMI) and it has designed two platforms: one for Advanced Metering Analytics Collaboration and another for Gas Leak Survey Mobile Application.

    In Scotland, it has been tested an initiative to improve end user experience management in Networks such in speech analytics in customer service centers as in the use of applications in the workplace. It has also improved the energy networks desktop alerts model due to adverse weather conditions.

  • By businesses

    Renewables is measuring the performance of communications in a new model for the integration of the information received from the SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) of the wind farms with the data repository. The agility of the process will improve the decision-making in real time.

    In Retail, three pilots have been launched in topics such as Big Data for analysis and reporting, improving in the communication between the web and app of Iberdrola customers with Facebook channel, and the development of new identification and authentication solutions in the customer Virtual Office using mobile devices.

    In Generation, it has been tested new functionalities for graphical scheduler of work orders in the maintenance tool management and the quality issue management in the area of safety in the nuclear generation business.

    In Networks, it has been designed a new responsive web design platform for mobility into consumer channel, and has been tested the use of a social network to facilitate technical forum for maintenance field teams.

    In Engineering, it has been carried out a pilot to assess a data analytical tool and order to improve projects management.

    In the cross-sectional area of infrastructure, some technologies have been tested as qualitative analytics and website optimization to improve the customer experience on surfing within of Iberdrola web site, and other to secure the network access control using devices.