Adding value, productivity and efficiency

The projects developed by the Systems area allow the businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Systems value to the business.

The Systems area is committed to the development of innovating projects that bring value to different areas of the company, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the market and thus increase their productivity and efficiency.

Some of the most important projects are:


  • Founding member of the Lyra Network, the first multi-sector platform in the world based on the Blockchain technology.
  • Implementation of the new GIS (Geographical Information System) Distribution system.
  • New mobility solution for the Generation area.
  • New website for the Commercial area.


  • Upgrading of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).


  • New data management system for smart meters.
  • Development of the Smart Foundation as a communication platform for the meters in the retail network of the United Kingdom.
  • New network asset management solution (NAMS).


  • Lyra Network

    A multi-sector consortium of innovating Spanish companies, of which Iberdrola is a member, has created the Lyra Network, the first technology platform in the world based on the blockchain technology and distributed ledger technologies.

    Red Lyra logo.

    This project, which is expected to be running within a few months, was created with the purpose of developing new systems and services so that, for example, any Spanish individual or company can use it to validate basic services and run applications in a transversal environment, with all legal guarantees in Spain.

    Lyra has been configured as a collaborative consortium network that is useful to everybody: it is a shared network for the development of projects and delivery of services and all partners cooperate and compete against each other with all guarantees.

    The blockchain technology allows the creation of secure, trustworthy, auditable and irreversible digital record ledgers, without the participation of an intermediary or central authority that validates the data, since this technology is based on a distributed database that is impossible to hack.

    During the ETCSEE conference (Energy Trading Central and South Eastern Europe), held in Prague in June 2017, Iberdrola closed the first wholesale energy trading operation ever using this technology, an operation for the south of Europe. In this operation, the French utility "Total" acted as the counterparty and day-ahead energy was the product traded in the transaction (from one day to the next).

    Likewise, our company is participating in the Enerchain initiative, a project that focuses on the application of the blockchain technology to the electricity sector, with the participation of 23 other European utilities and the technology company Ponton.

    Ener Chain.

    The potential of this technology in the energy sector is huge: it allows the establishment of a decentralised energy market thanks to the development of smart contracts, the creation of exchangeable digitised assets and the use of crypto-currency in renewable energy certificates. Likewise, if offers the tools required for the connection of a large number of devices in a decentralised business model.

  • By countries

    A “Connected Vehicle” pilot project was launched in Brazil that, in addition to equipping the car with communication capabilities, "the Internet of Things" will be leveraged to incorporate different sensors for monitoring specific activities.

    In the United States, improvements were made in the Distribution Area for the field maintenance work scheduling tool, VAN (Value-added network) to GISB (Gas Industry Standards Board) conversion for exchanging data with retailers, and the development of an interconnection requirements analysis tool for distributed energy sources.

    In the United Kingdom, an initiative to improve online support for partners working on IT projects has been tested, and a Big Data Platform has been tested to improve business data quality and management.

    In Spain, a pilot was carried out in the engineering area to test an agile app development tool for mobility applications to improve field operation support.

  • By businesses

    Two pilots to improve customer relationships were launched at Retail, particularly through sentiment gauging on social media with a view to responding to customer needs and the improvement of e-mail marketing campaign management.

    In Generation, we tested the integration from our ERP to an intelligent and intuitive graphic environment and the inverse process to ensure reliability in the discharge processes associated with the maintenance work at generation plants, and developed the reverse engineering process to improve the maintenance on cable trays at the Cofrentes nuclear power plant through an interactive 3D model.

    In Distribution, we tested a new safety platform using the Internet of Things and Wearables to prevent accidents in the field, and further evaluated a character recognition solution for billing to improve contract sign-up services for our customers.

    In Renewables, we have developed a Serious Games simulator for training and evaluating engineers in wind turbines at wind farms.

    In Infrastructure, we tested analytical and monitoring technologies to improve user experience in navigation on the Iberdrola website.