Technological collaboration and social focusing

Otros programas: GDES Tech4Services, CDTI neotec, European Investment Fund, UE, innvierte,SunFUnder

To complement the innovative and venture capital activities of Iberdrola, through Iberdrola Ventures - PERSEO, other programmes with the goal of fostering the collaboration with technological partners and the investment in projects with a high social component, are developed.


Open Innovation Ventures was launched in order to foster the collaboration with technological partners with the goal to accelerate the development of new products of interest for Iberdrola. The first operation in this area was GDES Technology 4 Services where Iberdrola and Grupo Dominguis created this company through a joint venture to develop and commercialize technology related with the operation and maintenance in energy infrastructures.


The program Impact Investing is focused on the investment in projects with a high social component with two main lines:

  • Employment generation and the creation of innovative companies.
  • Ensure universal access to electricity under the program “Electricity for all” of Iberdrola.

Through Iberdrola Ventures - PERSEO, Iberdrola participates in PERSEO en NEOTEC, the Spanish venture capital program with the goal of fostering and developing innovative companies in Spain.

In order to meet Iberdrola's commitments under its Sustainability Policy, the program "Electricity for All" was set up to ensure access to electricity in emerging and developing countries, and Iberdrola Ventures - PERSEO has invested in the company SunFunder, a solar finance business that connects financial and corporate investors to high-impact solar projects that improve the lives of low-income communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


In order to strengthen the activity under the PERSEO program, an agreement was signed between Iberdrola and Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) within the framework of the Spanish government's INNVIERTE program, with the goal of investing in new technologies in the energy sector.