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Iberdrola has managed to position itself as the leading company at national level and the fourth company globally in the IBEX 35 Study on the State of Sustainability Reporting, prepared by the consultancy EcoAct Spain (September 2019). The company has achieved this position thanks to the detail and transparency demonstrated in the preparation and publication of our 2018 Sustainability Report and on the company's website.

The report Sustainability Reporting Performance of the IBEX 35 evaluates the scope and quality of the environmental information published by the 35 largest companies listed in Spain. The report highlights how companies are managing climate risk and preparing for the future, innovating to maximise opportunities to reduce energy and emissions, responding to the call to action by investors and leading and inspiring through greater engagement with different stakeholders.

The companies have been evaluated over a total of 61 indicators divided into four main thematic blocks: Measurement and Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Objectives and Reduction and, finally, Collaboration and Innovation.

With a score of 85%, this is the first time Iberdrola has managed to reach first place in the IBEX 35 ranking. In the global top 10, Iberdrola comes in fourth place, behind Unilever, Danone and Microsoft, and tied with BNP Paribas.

The report highly valued the company's strategy of being a leader in the energy transition and its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. It also valued initiatives such as the Sustainable Mobility Plan, establishing an internal carbon price, the integration of natural capital into the business strategy and the consideration of climate risks as global risks for the company, as well as their evaluation through scenario analysis.

The energy sector was once again the most represented in this study — with an average score of 76% in the Ibex 35 business index, well above the global average of 53% —, in which Iberdrola is consolidated as one of the leading energy companies in the global Top 10.

Iberdrola group and sustainability: milestones 2018.#RRSSIberdrola group and sustainability: milestones 2018.

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Iberdrola's first sustainability report was prepared in 2004 and since its inception it has always been prepared by adopting the best practices in reporting and transparency. Since then, the Iberdrola group has established itself as an international benchmark for its defence of a sustainable energy business model by optimising the balance between economic results, environmental protection and a firm commitment to society.

Iberdrola published its 2018 Statement of Non-Financial Information - Sustainability Report so that its Stakeholders would have a true and fair view of its performance during the fiscal year, in accordance with the commitments assumed in its General Sustainable Development Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Policy. This report compiles all the relevant data on the company's performance in a detailed and transparent manner, following the Law 11/2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity and according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The Iberdrola group's contribution to sustainable development has also been measured and recognised by other prestigious international actors. A clear example of this can be found in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), where we stand out as the only utility company selected in all its 20 iterations.

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