We are a compendium of cultures and talents

We work towards cultural diversity and develop actions to raise awareness of functional diversity.

The Iberdrola group has several policies worldwide to prevent discrimination and encourage respect for diversity and the effective equality between men and women in access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions. They also support workers with functional diversity, and promote their inclusion in the workplace.

The companies in the group are committed to creating an inclusive environment, as by pooling everyone's individual talents we can ensure greater richness.

To do so, we have procedures in place to prevent any discrimination for reasons of: race, colour, gender, language, creed, political outlook, place of birth or social background, social status, indigenous background, disability, health, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or any other condition of a person unrelated to the requirements for undertaking his or her job.


Some of the actions under way in the Iberdrola group are:

 At Iberdrola España, we offer the Family Plan program, which has the mission of helping employees with relatives who have some type of first-degree disability. Its main objective is to facilitate the inclusion of these people in the employment market and social world through a personalised support plan. As of the close of 2019, a total of 79 families have benefited from this Plan. In addition, donations have been made to organisations and foundations whose social objective is professional training, insertion into the work place and the creation of jobs for people with disabilities. Contracts have also been signed with special employment centres—above and beyond the legal requirement for investment in alternative measures—thereby promoting protected employment.

 ScottishPower, a British subsidiary of Iberdrola, is proud to be a corporate partner in the Women's Engineering Society. This means it can help in this organisation's important task of supporting women engineers and encouraging young women to consider engineering as a professional option under the Gender Diversity program.

 From Avangrid1 Nota , the American subsidiary of Iberdrola, we work hand-in-hand with important universities to increase ethnic and gender diversity. Avangrid has 4 policies in force on the subject of diversity: equal opportunities in access to jobs, support for the disabled and disabled war veterans, promotion of a working environment free from discrimination, and the fight against sexual harassment at work.

 In Brazil, we have the Energy for the Future program, which allows young people from foster homes and orphanages to work as apprentices in Elektro, a subsidiary of the Neoenergia2 Nota group, performing functions that will be a distinguishing factor in their personal and professional training. This led to Elektro receiving the Great Place to Work (GPTW) award for Best Company to Work for in Latin America in 2018, the fourth year in a row that they have received this award.

 From Iberdrola México, which is also committed to inclusion, we favour and encourage the integration of people from different nationalities in the workforce, thus forming multinational teams.

We promote the creation of multicultural teams


1 Nota Iberdrola S.A. has an 81.50 % stake in Avangrid, Inc.

2 Nota Neoenergia, S.A. is 50 % + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S.A.