• Alongside the digital revolution, the education sector has seen far-reaching changes in the last decade, creating a new reality in classrooms. Along with a boom in Educational Technology (EdTech), an infinite number of tools and applications have emerged and have become part of students' and teachers' daily lives. They are tools capable of providing students with tailor-made learning experiences.

    Merco Talent 2020 recognises Iberdrola as one of the four companies with the highest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. Furthemore, the group secured second place in the energy, gas and water sector, thus making it 14 years running in the top positions. The company's appeal is a consequence of its commitment to equality, work-life balance and training.

  • The flipped classroom pedagogical model, also known as the inverted classroom, has been gaining relevance in recent years due to the need to change the traditional learning system to adapt it to the new generations. The key to its proposal is that the student prepares the lessons (theoretical part) outside the classroom and carries out the activities (practical part) in the classroom.

    The year 2010 saw the Alpha generation come to life, replacing the generation Z. Growing up in a digital environment, with all knowledge just a click away, will not only affect their experiences, but will define the way they interact with their peers. Here we tell you about their characteristics, the impact of digital on their development and which technologies will define them.

  • There are many leadership styles in the workplace, but today one style stands out above the rest: the transformational, who aims to inspire and motivate employees, foster their creativity and drive their professional development. These leaders influence others and set an example, they transform companies and their members, who voluntarily follow the leader in pursuit of a common goal.

    Joy, nerves, surprise, anger, calm, disappointment... managing the roller-coaster of emotions that we experience on a daily basis is not easy. However, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important as a way to achieve happiness in all aspects of our lives, including the workplace. Do you want to learn to be happy?