Travel through four centuries of art with Iberdrola

    The Iberdrola group shows its commitment to culture through initiatives and programs that conserve and raise awareness of heritage, and activities that encourage and contribute to disseminating contemporary creativity. Here is some interesting information about the main exhibitions that the company supported between January and July 2018. DISCOVER THEM

  • sub CO2FORMARE PROJECT CO2Formare.

    Do you know what CO2 has to do with mussels?

    This project, led by Iberdrola and approved by the European Commission, seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing CO2 from natural gas combustion to reduce macrofouling, the fouling process that occurs in combined cycle power plant cooling circuits. PROJECT DETAILS

  • sub SDG 6: CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION 6. Clean water and sanitation.

    Why must water be a universal resource?

    Today, more than two million people do not have access to safe drinking water, basic hygiene and sanitation services, which are essential for any aspect of life and sustainable development. To put an end to this situation, $114 billion a year must be invested. FIND OUT WHY

  • sub ELECTRICITY IN THE FUTURE Colin Gounden (VIA), Innoday.

    "We rely on power for everything"

    VIA is a start-up based in Boston that uses Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to help power companies prevent and predict equipment errors in the transformation and distribution of energy. DISCOVER IT

  • sub WOMEN IN THE IBERDROLA GROUP Iberdrola worker.

    Women and work, a question of equality

    Women represented 23% of Iberdrola's workforce. Although the progress made so far is significant, our goal is to continue moving forward to become an international benchmark in equality, both inside and outside the company. GET TO KNOW OUR INITIATIVES

  • sub SDG 5: GENDER EQUALITY Gender equality.

    Recognised for our firm and solid commitment to gender equality

    No country in the world has reached equality between men and women. We need to redouble our efforts for everyone to have the same opportunities and rights, and that's how we will achieve a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. READ MORE

  • sub IBERDROLA IN THE UNITED STATES Iberdrola in the United States.

    We are one of the biggest energy companies in the United States

    The Iberdrola group has consolidated its position as one of the leading energy companies in the United States, where it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as AVANGRID, Inc., a sustainable company with assets of US$31 billion, 6,500 employees and operations in 24 states of the country. ABOUT US

  • sub ROMEO PROJECT Romeo project.

    Romeo project lands in East Anglia ONE and Wikinger

    East Anglia ONE (United Kingdom) and Wikinger (Germany) have been selected to analyse the potential of the Romeo project. This initiative, backed by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme, intends to reduce operating costs and maintain offshore wind farms to achieve maximum efficiency and drive renewable energy production. KNOW IT

  • sub NATURAL PARADISE Fernando de Noronha island.

    Fernando de Noronha: commitment to sustainability

    This island is located about 545 km from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, and it is within the concession area of CELPE, the distributor for the Neoenergia group — the Iberdrola group subsidiary in Brazil —. Neoenergia implements sustainable and smart energy solutions in response to the challenges of generating and distributing energy in a beautiful and delicate ecosystem. DISCOVER THEM

  • sub EDGAR MARTÍNEZ (ATTEN2) AT INNODAY Interview with Edgar Martínez, CEO of Atten2.

    "As companies become ever more dependent upon the internet of things, they need reliable information and data"

    Atten2, a company in which Iberdrola has a stake and is linked with the IK4-Tekniker Research Centre, was one of the guests at Innoday 2018. Its CEO, Edgar Martínez, presented the innovative technology of its Oilwear sensor, which supplies key information for designing a predictive maintenance strategy. READ INTERVIEW

  • sub SDG 4: QUALITY EDUCATION SDG 4. Quality education.

    We invest in quality, inclusive and equitable education

    Education is transformational, and promoting education for all is fundamental for the achievement of the other SDGs. Although there have been important advances in relation to school enrolment rates in recent years, much remains to be done. FIND OUT WHY

  • sub INNODAY IBERDROLA 2018 Innoday 2018.

    Innoday 2018, our commitment to innovation and young talent

    The Iberdrola group is today one of the largest utility companies in terms of market capitalisation and a leader in renewables. Innovation plays a key role in our aim to consolidate our position as the energy company of the future, as demonstrated by Innoday 2018. LEARN MORE

  • sub TALANOA DIALOGUE Diálogo de Talanoa.

    We are the energy sector's sole representative in the Talanoa Dialogue

    Thanks to the significant degree of alignment between our strategy and the objectives of the historic Paris Agreement and the documentation provided by the company, Iberdrola is one of the six companies selected by the United Nations to participate in the Talanoa Dialogue in Bonn. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub IBERDROLA: A LEADER ON ELECTRONIC VOTING Delegación y voto electrónico Junta 2018.

    Bringing the digital transformation to our shareholders

    Following the recent 2018 General Shareholders' Meeting held on 13 April in Bilbao, we became the first IBEX 35 company to allow remote voting or the delegation of votes via a landline telephone, smartphone, computer and tablet. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub SDG 3: HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Sustainable Development Goal. Health and well-being.

    How can we guarantee universal health and well-being?

    Even though significant progress has been made in recent decades in increasing life expectancy and reducing child and maternal mortality, more initiatives and projects are still needed to completely eradicate various health and well-being issues. FIND OUT WHY

  • sub INTERVIEW WITH IGNACIO S. GALÁN Ignacio S. Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola.

    "We will grow through investment and dividends will rise"

    Looking ahead to our upcoming 2018 Annual General Meeting, the Vocento group — one of Spain's leading multimedia communication firms — has interviewed the Chairman of Iberdrola to discuss some of the major current issues for the company and for the energy sector overall. READ INTERVIEW

  • sub 'GUARDIANS OF THE PLANET': THE DOCUMENTARY Guardians of the planet.

    Iberdrola invites you to discover the documentary 'Guardians of the Planet'

    As part of the 'Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities' conference, Iberdrola is presenting 'Guardians of the Planet', a documentary made with the expert advice of a company that is a global leader in the fight against climate change. DISCOVER IT


    Our Environmental Footprint has been certified by AENOR for the first time

    This external, independent inspection certifies that the Iberdrola group has calculated and identified all the environmental impacts of its activities, both in Spain and in those countries where it operates, to improve and reduce them. LEARN MORE

  • sub DELEGATION AND ELECTRONIC VOTE Delegation and electronic vote General Shareholders Meeting 13 April 2018.

    Did you know that you can use your mobile phone to remotely delegate or vote at the 2018 Meeting?

    Taking part in the 2018 General Shareholders' Meeting couldn't be easier, and now you can even do so from any of your devices. DISCOVER HOW

  • sub SDG 2: ZERO HUNGER Zero Hunger.

    We are committed to end with hunger in the world, do you?

    The food and agriculture sectors play a crucial part in ending hunger and poverty. When managed appropriately and responsibly, they can feed the entire planet, generate income, boost development in rural populations and protect the environment. FURTHER INFORMATION

  • sub SDG 1: NO POVERTY No poverty.

    Committed to an inclusive, sustainable and equal economic growth

    Have you ever thought about what poverty really is? At a glance, it seems that we all know what poverty is. But, are you aware of its implications? Poverty is much more than lacking resources. DISCOVER WHY

  • sub IGNACIO GALÁN IN DAVOS Ignacio Galán in Davos.

    Committed to the decarbonisation of the global economy

    Fulfilling the environmental commitments assumed in the Paris Agreement (COP21) requires profound changes in production processes and consumption patterns throughout all sectors of the economy. LEARN MORE

  • sub ENERGY TRANSITION Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola.

    We are committed to accelerating the energy transition process

    'El País' published on 19 January 2018, an opinion piece by Ignacio Galán, Iberdrola's Chairman, in which he stands up for the need to progress towards a sustainable, secure and competitive model that replaces fossil fuels by clean energies and intensifies the electrification of the global economy, because "this is the only solution capable of reconciling a strong growth in global energy demand with meeting the climate goals." MORE INFORMATION


    Wikinger and East Anglia ONE: Spanish companies benefit from Iberdrola's international projects

    The construction of the Wikinger and East Anglia ONE wind farms has taken place in collaboration with a number of Spanish companies and as a result has generated new jobs and provided a strong boost to domestic economic activity. KNOW THE SCOPE

  • sub IBERDROLA ART EXHIBITIONS 'The Dreamers' Bill Viola.

    Art exhibitions sponsored by Iberdrola in 2017: from Bill Viola's video art to the brushstrokes of Sorolla

    Support of new artistic expressions, and dissemination of creativity are some of the initiatives that highlight Iberdrola's support of culture, which have been exemplified in exhibitions sponsored during the past year. DISCOVER IT

  • sub SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2017 Supplier of the Year 2017.

    Iberdrola encourages and recognizes excellence among its suppliers

    With the presentation of the 2017 Supplier of the Year Awards, the group reiterates its commitment to corporate management of fundamental values promoted by the company among its business partners. READ MORE

  • sub 'WOMEN, HEALTH AND SPORT' TOUR 2017 EtaStage of the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour in Burgos.

    We are celebrating the success of the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour

    Iberdrola is the main sponsor of the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour, a tour of various Spanish cities designed to make society more aware of the role of women as an active and fundamental part of sports in our country. KNOW IT

  • sub MERRY CHRISTMAS 2017 Iberdrola wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

    Iberdrola wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

    This year, some of our children have embarked upon a secret mission to wish us a Merry Christmas and to show us how Iberdrola group is the sum of the cultures, languages and customs of each member of our great family. WISH YOU TOO A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • sub AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE Against climate change.

    We reaffirm our commitment to the fight against climate change

    Iberdrola is committed to completing the process of closing all of its coal-based power plants, an energy source that currently represents only 1.8% of the group's total capacity, and thus reaffirm its firm commitment to the environment. DISCOVER MORE

  • sub COPA STADIUM PRIZE Copa Stadium.

    Iberdrola is rewarded with Copa Stadium Award for its commitment to women's sports

    Created in 1923, the Copa Stadium became part of the National Sports Awards (Premios Nacionales del Deporte) in 1983 to reward organisations that stand out for their special contribution to the advocacy for and promotion of sports. KNOW IT

  • sub WIND TURBINES BLADES Track with a turbine.

    The main curiosities of wind turbines and its blades revealed

    Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine tower can support so much weight? Or why they are all orientated in the same direction? This is the nature of wind turbines, the giants of renewable energy. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub GENDER EMPLOYMENT GAP Gender employment gap.

    The EU and its Member States must strengthen their efforts to achieve equality between women and men

    Women already hold 60% of post-secondary qualifications in the European Union. However, many find themselves obligated to leave the labour market due to their responsibilities as mothers or family careers. READ MORE

  • sub ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY Archaeological discovery.

    East Anglia ONE cable dig unearths an extremely valuable archaelogical site in Suffolk

    Excavations have led to the discovery of samples from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Roman period, the Anglo-Saxon period, and even the mediaeval period. KNOW THEM

  • sub SMART GRIDS Smart grids.

    Iberdrola has installed more than 12 million smart meters

    The deployment of smart grids carried out by Iberdrola through its network affiliates in Spain, the United States, and Brazil, and through its commercial subsidiary in the United Kingdom, has contributed to the progressive modernisation and digitalisation of the electrical grid in these countries. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub GREEN BONDS Wikinger Project.

    What are green bonds and what are they for?

    Green bonds are a type of debt issued by public or private institutions. Unlike other credit instruments, the funds obtained are specifically destined for the funding or refunding of green projects. LEARN MORE

  • sub NEOENERGIA Neoenergia.

    The Brazilian energy giant is born

    With the incorporation of the businesses of Elektro Holding, Neoenergia will manage 13.4 million supply points, with a concession area of 836,000 km2. READ MORE

  • sub OFFSHORE WIND TURBINES FOUNDATIONS Foundations in the Wikinger offshore wind farm.

    How are offshore wind turbines anchored at sea?

    In offshore wind farms, wind turbines are elevated over the sea level with different types of foundations, depending on the depth. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub SMART ENERGY Smart energy.

    The future of electricity grids lies in smart grids

    The electricity sector is no stranger to digital transformation. Advances in technology have been driving energy efficiency, improvements in the distribution grid, supply quality and a broad range of services to customers. DISCOVER MORE


    Committed to full integration

    Iberdrola received the STELA award in 2017 in recognition for its commitment to the labour market integration of people with disabilities. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub EAST ANGLIA THREE Wikinger offshore wind farm.

    The last great offshore wind farm in the United Kingdom

    The company will build the most ambitious wind farm in British waters carried out by a Spanish company in the history of renewable energy. DISCOVER IT

  • sub SCHOLARSHIPS IBERDROLA Becas Iberdrola.

    Offering opportunities and attracting talent

    In 2017 Iberdrola will grant 150 grants to students and researchers in the energy field and will allocate a total of 3.7 million euros to training. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub WATER SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT Foa a water sustainability manage.

    Water: our most valuable resource

    We are facing a real water crisis that can only be solved with the sustainable consumption, promotion of clean energies, optimisation of production processes and the use of recycled water. LEARN MORE

  • sub WORK-LIFE BALANCE Conciliación.

    The miracle of achieving the correct work-life balance is possible

    In 2007, Iberdrola was the first company in the Ibex 35 to implement the uninterrupted schedule for its workforce in Spain, as a way of demonstrating its commitment to achieving the correct work-life balance. READ MORE


    We accelerate investments at a rate of €14M per day

    The company continues to make progress with the investments established in the 2016-2020 Outlook, amounting to close to €25,000M: the equivalent to €13.7M per day during the next five years. MORE INFORMATION


    The largest hydroelectric project in the history of Portugal

    The Tâmega hydroelectric complex will be capable of guaranteeing the supply of energy for the almost three million inhabitants of Oporto. DISCOVER IT

  • sub IBERDROLA'S IMPACT ON THE GDP Employees of Iberdrola at the Wikinger offshore wind farm.

    Are you aware of the actual impact of Iberdrola on the world's GDP?

    The electricity company contributed to the different countries in which it operates with 0.13% of the GDP in 2015. LEARN MORE


    What are bubble curtains used for?

    This pioneering noise mitigation system helps to protect porpoises, a small cetacean in danger of extinction, during the construction works of the Wikinger marine wind farm. DISCOVER MORE


    Amazon US East and El Cabo, two flagship projects in the USA

    With Avangrid, its subsidiary in the United States, Iberdrola has built these two wind farms, which represent its flagship projects in the country: together they supply electricity to almost 1.5 million homes, which is generated from renewable energy sources. LEARN MORE


    What is the most efficient place to install a wind turbine?

    The uncertainty surrounding how wind behaves is the main handicap when building a wind farm, especially in places with a complex orography. Where and how can wind turbines be installed to maximise the production of wind power? Supercomputing has the answer. DISCOVER MORE


    Contributing to sustainable economic development

    Stability is one of the features that characterises employment at Iberdrola: over 98% of the workers have an open-ended contract. LEARN MORE


    The world's largest offshore wind farm is the size of 30,000 football pitches

    The East Anglia ONE installation in the south east coast of England, to be put into operation by Iberdrola in 2020, will supply electricity to half a million households. DISCOVER MORE


    Discover our commitment to knowledge and innovation

    This international training centre promotes talent and is open to companies and professionals from all over the world. KNOW IT


    Do you know what pumped storage hydroelectric power stations are used for?

    Their main purpose is to store water during off-peak periods, using it to generate energy during peak consumption periods. DISCOVER MORE


    The company has invested approx. 460 million Euros in its renewables business

    In 2017 Iberdrola increased its support of clean technologies and energy production free of polluting emissions. LEARN MORE


    Taller than the Madrid skyline: what the world's largest wind turbines are really like

    Standing some 270 metres tall, Iberdrola is building the largest wind turbines in existence as part of the Wikinger wind farm in Germany. DISCOVER THEM


    The subsea cable that will transport renewable energy to four million households

    The interconnection, currently under construction, will have a total length of 850 km and will bring power from Scotland to England and Wales. DISCOVER IT


    Iberdrola's battle against CO2 emissions in figures

    Between 2013 and 2015 the company prevented the release of 57.4 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 26 times the yearly traffic emissions for the city of Madrid. DISCOVER MORE


    Iberdrola made purchases from nearly 4,700 Spanish suppliers, amounting to €1.6 billion

    The company increased the value of contracts with its Spanish suppliers by 23% in 2016. A solid proportion of these purchases will furnish projects being built outside Spain. LEARN MORE


    Iberdrola doubles the presence of women on Ibex-35 boards of directors

    36% of Iberdrola's Board of Directors are women, twice that of the rest of the Ibex-35 companies. MORE INFORMATION


    Iberdrola, the world's fourth largest utility in terms of R&D

    Iberdrola is ranked first in Spain and second in Europe for most spent on research and innovation. ABOUT US