Did you know that you can use your mobile device to cast your vote directly or by proxy at the 2019 GSM?

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Taking part in the 2019 General Shareholders' Meeting couldn't be easier and, for another year, for your convenience, you can do so from any of your mobile devices. We'll take you through the procedure.

How can I use my mobile phone to take part in the 2019 General Shareholders' Meeting?

We're making it easy for you again this year. By using your mobile phone for access at and having your NIF (tax ID) number and the number of shares you own at hand you will be able to complete your accreditation quickly and securely.

After entering my NIF number and number of shares, what steps do I have to follow to complete the process?

The application will guide you at all times and you will see that it is really easy: after correctly entering your credentials, you will receive a code on your mobile that you will have to type into the application to complete your access and participate in the 2019 General Shareholders' Meeting remotely.

Are there other ways of completing the accreditation process?

Yes, you can complete the process in the same way as in previous years, in other words:

  • Your Iberdrola user name and password: all those shareholders who requested their user name and password in previous years may use them for the 2019 General Shareholders' Meeting without having to request new ones.
  • Your electronic certificate: this option is valid for all shareholders who have an electronic certificate issued by the National Mint and Stamp Factory (FNMT) installed on their device, or have an electronic national ID document (DNIe).

How can I delegate or vote remotely if I don't have a tax ID number?

We will analyse your specific case and give you an answer as soon as possible. Please contact the Shareholder's Office by calling the toll-free telephone number (900 100 019) or sending an email to (

What actions can I take via the mobile application?

The Iberdrola Electronic Proxy and Voting application will enable you to:

  • Check the items on the agenda.
  • Authorise a representative as your proxy with voting instructions regarding all the items on the agenda.
  • Cast your absentee ballot on every item on the agenda of the General Shareholders' Meeting.
  • Receive confirmation that your vote or your proxy has been registered.
  • Receive information regarding Shareholder Information Desks to go to with your national ID document to collect the commemorative gift.

Remember that you can also gain access from your PC and/or tablet.

If I take part via my mobile phone, am I still entitled to the gift being given to those attending on Shareholders' Day?

Yes. After recording your vote via the application, you may pick up your commemorative gift from the Shareholder Information Desks closest to you.

Will I receive the attendance bonus if I vote remotely?

Yes. Iberdrola offers an attendance bonus of €0.005 (gross) per each share (€1 gross for every 200 shares) to all shareholders who attend or are represented at the Meeting on 29 March, or who cast their votes remotely prior to that date.

Is there a specific channel for requesting information, voicing concerns and asking questions?

Shareholders can request any information about the 2019 General Shareholders' Meeting using the interactive OLA (On-line Shareholders') system, which is permanently available on our corporate website, or by calling toll-free telephone number 900 100 019, or by sending an email to at the Shareholders' Office.

We're counting on you. Take part!

Vote from your mobile device.

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