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The exhibition In lapide depictum. Italian painting on stone, 1530-1555, which was open to the public at the Prado Museum in Madrid from 17 April to 5 August 2018, consisted of a selection of nine paintings on monochrome stone — slate and white marble — by Italian artists such as Sebastiano del Piombo, Titian, Daniele da Volterra and Leandro Bassano. Together these works illustrate the consolidation of a current of change in artistic techniques that took place in the early decades of the 16th century. Displayed alongside them are works from the classical Roman world and pieces of unworked stone.

Three of the works from the Prado selected for this exhibition have undergone delicate and thorough restoration, which Iberdrola participated in as a sponsor of the Museo del Prado's Restoration Program. Among them Santo Entierro from the Bassano workshop, restored by Alicia Peral.

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Iberdrola explores Spain and Louisiana's shared history in an exhibition organised in collaboration with Lousiana State Museum in New Orleans. Open to the public from 2 April to 8 July, the exhibition included more than 200 historic items such as maps, garments, miscellaneous objects and works of art, that shed light on Spain's influence on the development of New Orleans, its support for the revolt by the Thirteen Colonies and the Spain's lasting influence on United States' culture.

The exhibition showcases Spain's support for the American colonies prior to and during the Revolutionary War, as well as notable Spanish figures whose lives had a powerful impact on the emerging new country. Recovered Memories takes the visitor on a chronological journey of Spanish-American relations, beginning with Spain's own Age of Enlightenment during the reign of Charles III through to the technological advancements at the turn of the 20th century and the European and American revolutions.

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The National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Sorolla Museum with sponsorship by Iberdrola, organised an exhibition dedicated to the presence of fashion in the work of Joaquín Sorolla. The exhibition took place, simultaneously and complementarily in both venues, from February 13 to May 27, 2018. Sorolla and fashion showcased more than seventy paintings from museums and national and international private collections — some shown for the first time in public — with a wonderful sample of period dresses and accessories and valuable pieces also lent by important institutions and private collections.

A tremendous lover of fashion, Sorolla became an ideal chronicler of changing clothing trends and styles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His paintings show an evocative catalogue of dresses, jewellery and accessories enhanced by his mastery of light yet vigorous brush strokes. The painter's love of fashion is also evident in the documentation he kept, such as photographs, sketches and letters in which many references to different aspects of dress can be found.

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The Museo del Prado and Iberdrola, which started their collaboration in 2010, recently entered into a new framework agreement to support conservation and restoration projects carried out by the Museum. The agreement as includes the awarding of three annual grants for young restorers, which will be joined by an international grant in 2018. This new agreement gives Iberdrola the Museo del Prado's Protector status.

Among its most recent activities are the support given to creating the new Flemish painting rooms and space housing the Dauphin's Treasure.

Iberdrola will also play an active role in the Museo del Prado's special programme to celebrate its Bicentenary: the company will contribute 180,000 euros to sponsor the travelling exhibition entitled El Prado in the streets, a collection with life size photographs of more than 50 of the museum's most symbolic paintings conceived as an outdoor educational activity.

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