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The company will generate 815 MW from renewable energy sources, thanks to the long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) signed with Amazon, Nike, Apple and Google.

Through AVANGRID Renewables, Iberdrola's US subsidiary, the company has entered into different agreement over the past few years for the long-term sale of power to major North American multinational companies. These contracts, known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in the United States, have yielded great stability to the company's investments in such a strategic market.

With these agreements, Iberdrola has followed the trends of the major North American tech groups, which involve meeting 100% of its power needs using renewable energy and low-carbon sources, reaching 815 MW linked to PPAs. This figure represents 15% of the 5,400 MW of renewable energy signed by large corporations during 2017 with PPAs, according to the Bloomberg New Energy Finance report. Such a special market has generated 19,000 MW since 2008.


Power generation for Amazon: after signing an agreement in 2015, the company built the Amazon US East wind farm (208 MW). This wind farm was commissioned in February 2017 and became the first industrial wind power project in North Carolina.

Power generation for Nike: in 2016, Iberdrola signed an agreement with Nike to supply 70 MW of renewable energy through the Leaning Juniper II — one of Iberdrola's largest wind farms in the United States, with an installed power of 201.3 MW — and Juniper Canyon (151.2 MW) wind farms. Likewise, a new agreement was signed in January 2018 to supply an additional 85 MW through the Karankawa wind farm in Texas.

Juniper Canyon wind farm (151.2 MW) in Oregon.#RRSSJuniper Canyon wind farm (151.2 MW) in Oregon.

Power generation for Apple: after signing the agreement in May 2017, Iberdrola started to build two new facilities to supply renewable energy in the long-term: the Gala photovoltaic power station (56 MW) — the largest solar farm in Oregon — and the Montague wind farm, scheduled to be commissioned by 2020, with a total installed power of 200 MW.

Power generation for Google: in December 2017, Iberdrola signed to contracts to supply 196 MW of renewable energy from the Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge wind farms, with an installed power of 98 MW each. These two new facilities, located in Brookings County and Deuel County (South Dakota) will produce the renewable energy equivalent to the mean annual consumption of more than 50,000 North American households.

All of these agreements are proof of Iberdrola's commitment to renewable energy, positioning the company as the world leader in onshore wind power and the greenest electric utility in the US, with almost zero emissions.

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