We are celebrating the success of the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour

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Iberdrola is the main sponsor of the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour, a tour of various Spanish cities designed to make society more aware of the role of women as an active and fundamental part of sports in our country.

2017 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour.#RRSS2017 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour.

 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour [PDF]

A total of six legs of the tour were held throughout 2017. Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao, Malaga, Burgos, Valladolid and Valencia, in that order, were the cities chosen to host this celebration of women's sports.

In attendance at each of these gatherings were great names such as: Jennifer Pareja, former water polo player and current ambassador of Universo Mujer; Carolina Marin, winner of the Olympic gold in badminton in Rio 2016; Marina Damlaimcourt, London 2012 Olympic triathlete; and Ona Carbonell, captain of the Spanish national synchronised swimming team, among many others. Olympic medallists and elite athletes who didn't want to miss the opportunity to act as speakers on the successes achieved in women's sports in Spain.

The six events were located in very central, open spaces so as to attract as many participants as possible. The program was designed for all audience groups and ages and, in addition to numerous activities (all related to the 10 federations that Iberdrola was sponsoring at that time, now numbering 15), featured collective talks on sports and healthy living habits, performances and games for the youngsters, doling out awards, holding contests, autograph signing and exhibitions.

In the words of Iberdrola president Ignacio Galán: "Sports are not just about triumphs and great championships. Above all, they are about perseverance, sacrifice, and the determination to overcome obstacles. It is this exemplary attitude that we want to promote".

And that is just what the 'Women, Health and Sport' Tour aims to do. All this is an example of the company's commitment to the Women, Health and Sport initiative and another illustration of Iberdrola's global position on encouraging women's participation in all areas of life.

The successful response to the different legs of the Tour signifies a great boost for Spanish women's sports.