Iberdrola encourages and recognizes excellence among its suppliers

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With the presentation of the 2017 Supplier of the Year Awards, the group reiterates its commitment to corporate management of fundamental values promoted by the company among its business partners.

In the first nine months of 2017, the Iberdrola group purchased goods and services from more than 20,000 suppliers for an amount exceeding 6.3 billion euros. The high volume of purchases made by the company serves as a driver for growth, promoting the corporate, industrial and social development of all countries in which it has a presence by creating employment throughout the entire supply chain.

As stated in the Supplier's Code of Ethics [PDF], the principles that are most highly endorsed by the group's business partners are the quality of products and services, ethics, respect for human rights, and transparency in management and job security.

Through the various Supplier of the Year Awards, Iberdrola encourages and recognises these values, promoting excellence, sustainable development, internationalisation, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

All the winners of the different categories of the Supplier of the Year Awards held by Iberdrola group.#RRSSAll the winners of the different categories of the Supplier of the Year Awards held by Iberdrola group.

 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: 2017 Supplier of the Year Awards [PDF]

This way, Iberdrola likewise exerts a driving force within the market, encouraging the creation of value and competitiveness amongst its suppliers, whom the group considers its commercial partners and one of its Stakeholders' priorities, and with whom it maintains an ongoing dialogue.

Dialogue and satisfaction.

 Activity report for Procurement and Supplier Management, and their contribution to the Group's Sustainability 2016-2017 [PDF]