Committed to full integration

Iberdrola received the STELA award in 2017 in recognition for its commitment to the labour market integration of people with disabilities.

Iberdrola has become one of the major Spanish companies that has shown the biggest commitment to labour market integration and respect for different cultures and types of talent. Proof of this is the 2017 STELA Award given to the company in recognition for its efforts to configure a labour market that includes and accepts everyone and anyone.

This award is given to companies or institutions that are strongly commitment to achieve the labour market integration of people with some form of disability and Iberdrola is a clear example of this, as depicted in the strategic alliances of the company with the Madrid Down's Syndrome Foundation or the Occupational Work Centre of Tres Olivos. For example, in the case of the latter, a hundred workers with Down's Syndrome or other forms of intellectual disability receive training to optimise their employment skills, with the purpose of facilitating and promoting their labour market integration.

Other programs and initiatives

  • Family Plan: created to facilitate the labour market integration of first-degree relatives of the company's employees who have some form of disability.
  • Summer camps: Iberdrola organises different functionally diverse summer activities for the children of the company's employees.
  • Social Aid: the company grants this form of aid to help with the social needs of its employees' children, spouse or couple so long as they have some sort of certified disability.

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