Bring it on! Iberdrola lends its name to the women's football league and sponsors the national team

The rise of Spanish women's football is unstoppable: our league attracts some of the world's best players; attendance at grounds is increasing and television audiences are soaring. Find out why Spanish football is in fashion.

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    Iberdrola expands its support for the professionalisation of women's football

    Since 2016, Iberdrola has sponsored the Absolute Women's National Team and the First Division, which has now become known as the Iberdrola League. In addition, in 2018 the company has extended its sponsorship to the U19 and U17 national teams and to the S.M. La Reina Cup. FIND OUT MORE

  • sub AWARD AT WORLD FOOTBALL SUMMIT World Football Summit.

    Iberdrola, recognised at the World Football Summit gala for its work and promotion of women's football

    The World Football Summit has presented the 'Best Women's Football Initiative' award to Iberdrola "for its outstanding and important contribution" to the development and growth of women's professional football. MORE INFORMATION



    "It is very difficult to do better than to win the Iberdrola League. We can only equal it"

    The midfielder is one of the leading players of the Iberdrola Women's Football League. For the second year running, the team was on the verge of winning the double. The aim for the coming year: to continue striving in search of excellence. KNOW HER

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    Spanish women's football closer to the European elite

    This season, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona won the Iberdrola League and Cup, respectively. Both clubs are continuing to expand onto the European scene. The final leap, winning a continental title, is drawing ever closer. The big clubs, like Wolfsburg and Olympique Lyon, have increasing respect for the Spanish teams. READ MORE

  • sub THE IBERDROLA LEAGUE, IN THE FIFPRO WORLD XI Irene Paredes. Paris Saint Germain.

    Five Spanish football players in the elite of women's football

    More than 4,100 football players from 45 different countries pre-selected the 55 candidates of the 2017 Women's World XI. A jury selected the 11 top football players, which included a Spanish player for the first time in history: Irene Paredes. MORE INFORMATION

  • sub FEMALE REFEREES IN U-17 WORLD CUP Women referees.

    For the first time in history, female referees to appear in men's world cup

    The U-17 World Cup, to be played in India between the 6th and 28th of October, will make history by being the first to include seven female assistant referees. FIND OUT MORE

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    The unstoppable growth of women's football in Europe

    The UEFA report 'Women's football across the national associations 2016/17' reveals that there are already 1,270,481 women footballers across Europe. Six European countries have over 100,000 registered players, with close to 44,000 in Spain alone. SEE MORE