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  • Looking ahead to our upcoming 2018 Annual General Meeting on 13 April, the Vocento group –one of Spain's leading multimedia communication firms– has interviewed the Chairman of Iberdrola to discuss some of the major current issues for the company and for the energy sector overall.

    Iberdrola group's direct tax contribution worldwide amounted to €8.156 billion last year, €217 million more than in 2018. This is reflected in the Fiscal Transparency Report 2019 prepared by the company for the second consecutive year, which, for the first time, contains information with a level of detail that is unprecedented for an IBEX 35 company.

  • Fulfilling the environmental commitments assumed in the Paris Agreement (COP21) requires profound changes in production processes and consumption patterns throughout all sectors of the economy.


    The Iberdrola group's internal legal teams have long wanted to become part of the digital transformation process that the company is carrying out, at the same way as they did it with the internationalization one, characterized by a high excellence level on the situation. And, to achieve it, they have developed Project Darwin, which will allow them to investigate new technological solutions, reassess their processes and, ultimately, evolve so as to provide more efficient and higher quality support to all the group's businesses.

  • The construction of the Wikinger and East Anglia ONE wind farms has taken place in collaboration with a number of Spanish companies and as a result has generated new jobs and provided a strong boost to domestic economic activity.

    The effects of climate change are undeniable and mitigating them is one of the most pressing topics on the global climate agenda. This was made clear at the Climate Action Summit 2019, which took place in New York on 23 September, where the leaders from politics, economics and civil society who attended the event focused on mitigation. Iberdrola group, which was an active participant at the summit, contributed to the success of the event with specific actions and commitments.