professional skills

Companies demand certain professional skills. From technical skills to emotional skills (soft skills). We will tell you how to acquire and develop them and how to put them into practice successfully.

  • The world is changing at a dizzying rate and this affects us both personally and at work. In this context, adapting to and managing change has become a fundamental skill for dealing with the present and the future. In addition, it is a clear indicator of professional leadership because organisations require leaders who are also agents of change.

    In years gone by, remote learning was the ugly duckling of higher education, and considered a less prestigious method than classroom-based courses. Nowadays, online learning has become the method of choice for millions of people because it is flexible, has no geographic barriers and gives access to wider range of courses.

  • Heavy demand for jobs, as well as new recruitment techniques, can make looking for a job a real obstacle course. In this article, we bring you a series of tips to succeed at a job interview. The key thing is not to fall prey to common pitfalls and to pay particular attention to non-verbal language.

    Time is money, and even more so in 2020. The Internet and the new technologies have brought with them immediacy, which at times turns day-to-day management and priority setting into an arduous task. Listed below are a number of techniques for improving your productivity. Take note!

  • Being brief and making an immediate impact are increasingly important values in communication due to the influence of the social networks and, let's be honest, the daily hustle and bustle. An elevator pitch allows you, in the time it takes to ride in a lift, to plant the seed of an idea in someone's mind, as the first step towards success.

    Innovation is one of the watchwords of the 21st century and training must form part of this (r)evolution in order to bring it into line with the demands of an increasingly hyperactive and hyperconnected world. In order to meet these challenges, technology is an essential ally when promoting a disruptive form of education that puts learning in a new light.