A commitment to the transfer of knowledge, talent and social contribution

The Iberdrola U program is focusing its efforts on strengthening the relationship between the company and the academic world with a series of resources and activities, aimed at attracting talent, transferring knowledge and contributing to our society. Students, scholarship recipients, entrepreneurs, professors, researchers and Iberdrola's employees are part of a network that fosters training, entrepreneurship and research.

Ignacio Galán, chairman of the Iberdrola group

New generations are tasked with transforming today's reality into a more global and fair world with greater solidarity

The Iberdrola group has contributed, over the past five years alone, to the training of nearly 4,000 university graduates. Through Iberdrola U, the company supports skills training of young professionals and the creation of quality and stable jobs.


Main agreements

Currently, the six agreements of the University Program have a scope of around 250,000 students, 20,000 teachers and 1,500 scholarship recipients.

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Young entrepreneurs

Developing the entrepreneurial skills of young people is one of the main lines of the University Program. Our goal is to promote the professional development of students and, consequently, accelerate entrepreneurship and invest in start-ups.

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The Iberdrola chairs are a means for realising the company's commitment to R&D+I and, particularly, its involvement in the promotion of research, training and collaboration with the world of science and universities, specially in those regions where it operates.

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Research and development projects

We are committed to developing innovative projects that bring value to different areas of companies, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the market and thus increase their productivity and efficiency.

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Our company collaborates with the Fundación San Patricio on the Research R&D program, which seeks to foster an interest among students in research, innovation, science and technology. The aim is to increase their motivation to further their studies and provide them with tools that will help them to choose the path through secondary school and then university that they want to follow.

Iberdrola also takes part in Researcher's Week, by opening the San Agustín Campus so that students can stay there and come with us to one of its wind farms.

Both initiatives, which are intended to promote entrepreneurship among adolescents, are part of the group's University Program, which has among its aims the promotion of technology and innovation among the youth.

2019, 2020 International Masters Scholarships Program.