We promote effective equality and quality employment

Non-discrimination and respect for diversity are the basis of working relations in Iberdrola.

Equality Plan.Employees at the Maranchón wind farm (Guadalajara, Spain).

 Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

Iberdrola's Equal Opportunity and Reconciliation Policy [PDF] promotes a range of measures focused on encouraging:

  • access to employment.
  • training.
  • professional promotion.
  • working conditions.


Iberdrola's equality plan places it at the forefront of the business community as it includes protection measures for victims of gender violence. Iberdrola was also the first company in the IBEX-35 to implement the uninterrupted working day in Spain, as a measure to encourage a satisfactory work-life balance.

Within the framework of our commitment to equality and our championing of the family, we have a series of important measures to encourage a satisfactory balance between personal and professional life.


Iberdrola and the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) organised the seminar 'The commitment to gender equality', in which women academics, athletes and managers analysed the role of women in different areas of public life, companies and top-class sports, with the purpose of discussing and delving into the measures required to achieve gender equality, goal no. 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations.

The event, held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid), was opened by Manuel Aragón, professor of Constitutional Law, Judge Emeritus and Director of the Constitutional Court; María Dolores Herrera, Compliance Manager at Iberdrola; Susana Pérez-Amor, General Deputy Director of Women and Sports of the Higher Council for Sport, and Ricardo Alonso, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the UCM.

As part of this commitment to gender equality and to the empowerment of all women and girls, Iberdrola also became the main driving force behind the Women's Universe programme of the Higher Council for Sport through its Women, Health and Sport initiative.