The Iberdrola SuperA Awards select 12 projects for their work in promoting gender equality through sport

The promotion of women's sport and inclusion is the common denominator of the more than 400 entries submitted to the Iberdrola SuperA Awards launched by the company to recognise sports projects and initiatives carried out in Spain in favour of gender equality and the empowerment of women through sport.

The Iberdrola SuperA Awards reward those activities or projects that encourage women to take part in sport, increase their visibility, improve logistics and facilities, promote work-life balance and create new role models.

Over 400 entries have come from national and regional sports associations, clubs and federations, schools, institutes and public and private entities that have a sporting career or are currently managing a sporting project in line with the objectives of the awards.


Two finalists competing for a prize of 50,000 euros were selected in each category.

 Iberdrola SuperA Social

This category rewards that activity, project and/or programme that promotes the social integration of women through the playing of sport.

There were 48 entries, from which the following were selected:

  • MAAVI Foundation Club de Fútbol (Roquetas de Mar, Almería): a football club for girls between the ages of 4 and 17, which aims to end inequality in the area, where the percentage of immigration is very high, through football.
  • Escuela Femenina Servalabari (Sevilla): a football club with a social intervention project in the neighbourhood of Las Tres Mil Viviendas in Seville to work on gender equality.

 Iberdrola SuperA Base

This category rewards that activity, project and/or programme that stands out for the promotion of grassroots sport among girls (up to 16 years old) for the improvement of health, integration and quality of life.

There were 97 entries, from which the following were selected:

 Iberdrola SuperA Competition

This category rewards that activity, project and/or programme that facilitates the inclusion of women in the competition.

There were 110 entries, from which the following were selected:

  • Women, life and sport. Todas somos hockey (Zaragoza): a project by the Pilaricas VACH women's hockey club, made up mostly of mothers, which aims to consolidate its two teams in national competitions.
  • Equipo Femenino de Triatlón CAPEX (Badajoz): triathlon club, belonging to the CAPEX sports club, which seeks to consolidate the women's team in order to access national competitions. They organise several junior events a year to facilitate the visibility of the sport of triathlon and try to ensure that girls between the ages of 15 and 19 do not stop playing sport.

 Iberdrola SuperA Outreach

This category rewards that activity, project and/or programme which is a reference in the outreach of sport practised by women and contributes to transmitting the importance of the role of women in sport and society.

There were 110 entries, from which the following were selected:

  • Futfem.com: oldest Spanish-speaking sports journalism portal for women's football outreach. Futfem.com wants to grow in audiovisual content, as well as obtain sufficient resources to cover the next international highlights in women's football, such as Euro 2022 and the 2023 World Cup in Australia.
  • Donosti Cup (San Sebastián): Spain's largest international grassroots football tournament, with large female participation. The tournament has 13 categories and is open to players between the ages of 10 and 18. They aim to increase the amount of women's teams, improve facilities and create an ambassadorial programme.

 Iberdrola SuperA Inclusion

This category rewards that activity, project and/or programme that is an example of inclusion in the practice of sport for athletes with special abilities.

There were 45 entries, from which the following were selected:

  • Deporte y Mujer (Foothand): Universal Accessibility Foundation programme to integrate and standardise the playing of sport among girls. It consists of playing football in a wheelchair with equipment in which both people with reduced mobility and people with no mobility issues are able to participate. It promotes equality and brings the most well-known sport closer to girls with reduced mobility as a tool for rehabilitation, leisure and socialisation as a result of its inclusive nature.
  • Mucho por hacer (Toledo): weightlifting programme by the Loida Zabala Association to train women with spinal cord injuries and different motor impairments. Its creator is the sportswoman Loida Zabala, 14 times Spanish champion and with three Paralympic diplomas.

 Iberdrola SuperA +

This category rewards an activity, project and/or programme with charitable purposes, developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by athletes, federations or other entities related to sports activity.

There were 20 entries, from which the following were selected:

  • Juntas venceremos: players from Primera Iberdrola, captained by the F. C. Barcelona player Vicky Losada, launched an online platform with the aim of raising funds to be donated to the Open Arms Foundation, which is involved in offering aid to disadvantaged groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Future donations will go to allWomen and Woman Leader, both dedicated to the fight for women's equality.
  • DeporteNAS: programme of the Spanish Psychological Association Specialising in High Sensitivity (PAS España) for psychological help for sportswomen and girls following the COVID-19 pandemic.


The candidatures were selected by a Honorary Panel of Judges made up of 13 leading figures in Spanish sport which included eight women and five men:

  • Amanda Sampedro, captain of the Atlético de Madrid women's team and the Spanish national team.
  • Carolina Marín, first Spanish badminton player named number 1 in the history of the sport.
  • Conchita Martínez, former tennis player and former captain of the Spanish women's and men's tennis teams.
  • Javier Fernández, best skater in Spanish history.
  • Jesús Carballo, former gymnast and president of the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation.
  • Manu Carreño, sports journalist.
  • Marta Arce, paralympic judoka.
  • Paloma del Río, commentator of rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, artistic skating and equestrianism competitions broadcast on TVE. She is currently a Coordinator of Sponsorships and Federations.
  • Sandra Sánchez, karate player, number 1 in the WFK world ranking.
  • Silvia Navarro, captain of the Spanish handball team.
  • Talant Dujshebaev, one of the best handball players of all time.
  • Teresa Perales, paralympic swimmer.
  • Vicente del Bosque, football coach and former national team manager.

The SuperA Awards ceremony will take place on November 25.