Readily available regulatory documents

NI standards

NI standards are documents that provide the solutions for repeated application within the scope of the Iberdrola Group in regard to products, elements and equipment, and their complementary processes. In procurement, they constitute the technical specifications that must be met by all supplies covered by the NI and are included as documentation when the tender is published.


The annexes contain information on the suppliers and manufacturers that are qualified within the scope of the Iberdrola Group to supply, manufacture or deliver the processes covered by the NI.

Technical manuals

The technical manuals contain the systems and methods applied in the planning, construction and use of the facilities in the Electricity Distribution Business Unit (REDEL).

Project for regulatory consistency

In partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), I-DE Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes, S.A.U. is developing a project aimed at ensuring the consistency of all the technical documentation used both by Iberdrola Distribución and by its contractor personnel.

Request technical documentation

Iberdrola provides users with all the documentation regarding NI Standards and technical manuals. Users who need to have access to this documentation can request it through the following web pages:


Access to the regulatory documents must be justified by the need to use them as a result of contractual relationships with the Iberdrola Group.

The following points must always be observed in the use of these documents:

  • The documents are the intellectual property of Iberdrola.
  • Any modification, or the total or partial reproduction of the documents for third parties is prohibited.
  • The data in the regulatory documents in possession of Iberdrola shall always take precedence.
  • Iberdrola does not guarantee the total or partial updating of the technical documents.
  • Iberdrola shall not be held liable for any damages that may derive from the use of the information contained in the technical documents.

Detection of a failure to comply with any of these conditions will incur the immediate withdrawal of the access permits.