Providing value and competitive advantages

Throughout 2017, the Systems area continued honouring its commitment to developing innovative projects that make it possible to create value for the different areas of the company, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the market and increase their productivity and efficiency in all the countries where we have a presence.

Main R&D activity areas for the Iberdrola group's Systems team. #RRSSMain R&D activity areas for the Iberdrola group's Systems team.

Some of the most important projects are:


  • Continued implementation of the new GIS (Geographic Information System) system.
  • New developments on the web in the Commercial Department.
  • New mobility solutions for Generation.
  • Development of a new global big data platform.


  • Upgrading the CRM (Customer Relations Management) system.
  • Development of a system for monitoring energy market operations with a view to detecting fraud.


  • Implementation of smart meters, the new data management system and the Smart Foundation as a platform for communicating between the meters and the commercial network.
  • New network asset management solution (NAMS).


  • Systems to integrate the management of generation assets.


  • By countries

    In Brazil, an Augmented Reality pilot has been launched with a view to improving field maintenance operations in Distribution activities.

    In the United States, tests have been undertaken to improve the steps taken in the event of adverse weather conditions with a Control Panel for emergency occurrences to bring together all the information from the areas of the electricity grid that have been affected by a storm. Improvements have also been made in weather prediction models — in conjunction with Connecticut University — and a mobility application has been devised that manages the movement and stock of merchandise.

    In the United Kingdom, voice recognition solutions have been tried out to support customer services, optimising the quality of the service and reducing user waiting times.

    In Spain, a pilot scheme has been undertaken to test tools that allow the prevention and mitigation of cybersecurity incidents. In Commercial, two pilot projects have been started using Machine Learning aimed at improving the quality of service offered to the customer:

    • The first tests the level of learning and training of the models to achieve automatic classification of complaints.
    • The second designs models to obtain individual consumption values for customers.

    Iberdrola also forms part of the Enerchain initiative, a project that focuses on applying blockchain technology in the electricity sector, the initiative involves a further 23 European  utilities and the technology company Ponton.


    Blockchain has great potential in the energy field: it allows a decentralised energy market to be established thanks to the development of smart contracts, the creation of exchangeable digitised assets and the use of crypto-currency in renewable energy certificates (RECs). Likewise, if offers the tools required to connect a large number of devices in a decentralised business model.

  • By businesses

    In Generation, a new concept for materials inspection has been trialled using the mobility application. As a result, intervention times have improved as well as information gathering (photographs, notes by voice recognition, comments, etc.).

    In Distribution, there have been improvements in the safety platform to prevent field accidents, based on the Internet of Things and Wearables, using a new electro-magnetic field detector.

    In the Corporate area, combined biometric technology has been trialled — selfie plus digital signature — to guarantee the authenticity of the customer through a mobile device. Technologies have also been tested to automate automatic translations of corporate web environments into different languages.

    In the Infrastructure area, predictive analysis platforms with robust graphic interfaces, have been successfully tested, allowing users to carry out their analyses quickly and efficiently.