We promote sustainable development and emerging technologies

Commitment to innovation is the central axis of the three main businesses of the Iberdrola group. We are at the forefront of R&D thanks to the more than 200 projects currently under way to promote sustainable development, renewable energy and emerging technologies.

Generation and Retail Business.

R&D efforts in the Generation and Retail area are designed to bring about new developments that promote the flexibility, operational efficiency and safety of facilities, as well as reduce our environmental impact by implementing disruptive technologies and reducing emissions.

Work is also being carried out on the design of new products that ensure an efficient, fast and high quality service, and which improve the customer's experience.

Networks business.

Innovation activities in the Networks area are mainly concentrated on the development and expansion of smart grids, a technological evolution of the power distribution system that combines traditional with modern monitoring technologies, information systems and telecommunications.

Together with the digitisation of the distribution network, notable efforts have been made to offer a wide range of services to customers, improve supply quality, respond to society's future demand for electricity and achieve optimal power distribution management.

Renewable business.

The main objective of the most innovative developments in the Renewable Energy area is to improve the efficiency of our operating assets and associated processes, promote the integration of renewable energies — through different initiatives linked to energy storage — and reduce the design and construction costs of the facilities, placing special emphasis on offshore wind farms to limit risks and ensure their competitiveness.