Merco Talent Ranking 2019

Iberdrola is leading company in the energy sector in capacity to attract and retain talent

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Merco Talent 2020 recognises Iberdrola as one of the four companies with the highest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. Furthemore, the group secured second place in the energy, gas and water sector, thus making it 14 years running in the top positions. The company's appeal is a consequence of its commitment to equality, work-life balance and training.

Merco's External link, opens in new window. objective is to improve human resources management in companies, and since 2000 it has produced one of the world's most significant rankings. The ranking, which is based on a multistakeholder methodology with various metrics and evaluation items, gives a better understanding of workers', in addition to aligning personal and corporate values and objectives. Therefore, Merco Talent has become a thermometer for measuring the visibility and attractiveness of companies in the opinion of a diverse target audience.

In the Merco Talent 2020 ranking External link, opens in new window. Iberdrola came fourth on the list of the 100 companies with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. Furthermore, at the sector level, the group secured second place in energy, gas and water, thus making it 14 years running in the top positions.

Attracting and retaining talent is, without a doubt, an on-going global issue for many companies. But, what distinguishes one company from another? And, why is it so important to attract qualified people who share a company's values, and so important and yet so complicated at the same time? The answer is in good talent management. Microsoft founder Bill Gates did not exaggerate when he said that if 20 key people left his company, Microsoft would fail.


Iberdrola is firmly committed to our human capital as our best asset and the key to our success, and we are firmly behind a social model that fosters professional excellence and quality of life for our employees. "Companies are people", said Ignacio Galán, chairman of the Iberdrola group. The company considers all its employees a strategic asset whose work and talent create sustainable value.

The Iberdrola group's corporate policy seeks to create a favourable labour relations framework based on equality of opportunity, non-discrimination and respect for diversity. To this end, in 2018 the Board of Directors signed the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Gender equality is one of the organisation's core values. It complies with the legislation in force in each country and observes international best practices including the provisions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 5) approved by the United Nations Organization (UN).

The Iberdrola group works to ensure that its employees get the training they need to meet the current requirements for their job description, and to satisfy future needs arising with the emergence of new technologies, equipment, instruments, etc., and the need to take on additional tasks in their area of activity. It also ensures the dissemination of existing knowledge in the company, continuous learning and cultural exchange to improve operational efficiency through proper use of intellectual capital, as established in its Knowledge Management Policy.

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To prepare this ranking, Merco Talent gathered the opinions of 22,570 workers, 7,366 university students in the final years of their studies, 1,041 business school students, 8,300 citizens, 173 human resources managers, 71 union representatives and 49 headhunters. The analysis of these target audiences focused on three key values that determine job appeal:

1. Employment Quality: competitive salary, professional development, work-life balance, etc.

2. Employer Brand: attractive sector, admired for its values, management procedures and results, etc.

3. Internal Reputation: ethical and professional values, equality and diversity, etc.