• The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything. With the advance of vaccination, the return to normality is getting closer and companies are taking the opportunity to rethink their office model. Among the most widely adopted options is hot desking, which consists of creating shared and on-demand workspaces that are more flexible, more economical and more oriented towards fostering collaboration among employees.

  • Preparing the best possible CV is no easy task, in fact, it can become a headache. Selecting the right information, choosing the right format, especially nowadays with the numerous possibilities offered by ICT, and taking care of the spelling are just some of the keys to present a modern and attractive CV that will win over companies at first glance.

    Digital nomads are a growing trend. New technologies and remote work have opened up a world of possibilities for this type of profile. They are people who manage to adapt their profession to their lifestyle and personal circumstances, enjoying greater flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Below, we get to know them a little better and review some of the best destinations for them.

  • Soft skills comprise a set of social competences that make it easier for people to relate to their peers. Although they are closely linked to one's own personality, they can be improved and, despite their intangible nature, they are highly valued by companies today. They include emotional intelligence, change management and critical thinking.

    Job hopping is a trend that is growing exponentially in the labour market and mainly refers to professionals who change jobs frequently and voluntarily. They are known as job hoppers and their aim is a constant search for new challenges. Although they rarely settle in a company, unless they are offered the possibility of jumping internally, companies have begun to value them positively.