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    Do you know how wind power will be transformed into energy?

    The concept of wind power is already well known to all but, do we actually understand how wind is transformed into energy? READ MORE

  • sub ECOTOURISM Ecotourism.

    Stepping without leaving a footprint

    Are you thinking about your holidays? Eco-friendly tourism is starting to become a popular choice. This form of tourism is respectful with biodiversity, the environment and committed to the development of autochthonous populations. LEARN MORE

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    Wind, the best commitment to our future

    Denmark covered 95.8% of its demand for electricity on 22 February 2017 with wind power. A month later, on 21 March, Germany reached a 53% rate of coverage. MORE INFORMATION


    150 years on the path towards sustainability

    Edison's first electric power plant only supplied current to a few light bulbs. Since then, the grid that carries electricity to our homes has expanded and is facing the biggest challenge so far: to become completely fossil-fuel free. DISCOVER MORE


    With the power of thousands of atomic bombs

    They have darkened the skies of the whole planet, killing 82,000 people and burying cities and entire civilisations. Despite scientific progress, volcanoes are still unpredictable. DISCOVER THEM!