The world's largest offshore wind farm is the size of 30,000 football pitches

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The East Anglia ONE installation in the south east coast of England, to be put into operation by Iberdrola in 2020, will supply electricity to half a million households.

It will cover a total area equivalent to 30,000 football pitches, and will include 102 turbines and a substation the size of the Vicente Calderón stadium (Madrid, Spain). The huge offshore East Anglia ONE wind farm, which Iberdrola is building in the North Sea, will be the largest in the world and will supply around 500,000 British households, the equivalent of a large city like Málaga (Spain).

East Anglia ONE: key project data.

By the time it is commissioned in 2020 the complex will have a capacity to generate up to 714 megawatts (MW) of clean energy, enough to supply half a million families with electricity.

To do so, it will cover a total area of more than 300 km2, which is the equivalent of three times the city of Barcelona (Spain).

The one hundred plus wind turbines, each with a capacity to generate 7 MW of power, will have a total height of 235 metres. They feature mammoth turbines with 75 metre blades, a rotor diameter of 154 metres and a Siemens tower. The structures will be supported by jackets, or foundations, measuring 65.5 metres, built by Spanish company Navantia at the Ferrol shipyards, in conjunction with Windar based in the Asturias province of Spain.

Offshore wind turbine East Anglia 1.#RRSSOffshore wind turbine East Anglia 1.

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Navantia will also build the electrical substation at its dockyards in Puerto Real (Cádiz, Spain). This functions as the heart of the wind farm, collecting the electricity from the turbines and transforming it to the correct current for onshore transfer. It will have a surface area of 1,144 m2, a height of 158 metres and a weight of 7,700 tonnes.

The energy transfer from the substation to land will be facilitated through some 85 km long cables made by French company Nexans, more or less the distance between Madrid and Toledo (Spain).

This ambitious project by the group, led by Ignacio Galán, has been developed through its subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables and involves a total investment of around 3 billion euros. It will generate close to three thousand jobs across the different countries collaborating in construction and their respective local economies.

The project represents Iberdrola's third offshore wind farm: the first being the West of Duddon Sands in the Irish Sea, followed by the Wikinger installation in German waters, which will be commissioned this year.

 Wikinger offshore wind farm