[4.2] Manufactured Capital

  Size Principal activities 2019
Electric power generation assets
  • Iberdrola's generation assets are made up of more than 300 wind farms, almost 90 hydroelectric power plants (in addition to the mini-hydro plants), 11 photovoltaic plants, more than 50 thermal power stations using various technologies, 5 of which are nuclear, and other facilities built and operated according to the best practices.
  • The year ended with additional installed capacity of 5,446 MW, of which more than half (2,791 MW) are renewable, including the Nuñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant in Spain, the Baixo Iguaçu hydroelectric plant in Brazil, and the Montague, Patriot and Karankawa wind farms in the United States. The remaining 2,655 MW is related to the combined cycles in Mexico (866 MW El Carmen, 911 MW Topolobampo II and 878 MW Escobedo).
  • At the same time, 49 MW of capacity has left the boundary due to the sale of two wind and solar plants in the United States.
  • 40% of the 714 MW East Anglia ONE offshore wind project in the United Kingdom was sold.
Power transmission and distribution assets
  • Iberdrola's electricity transmission and distribution networks comprise over 1.1 million km of distribution and transmission lines, more than 4,400 substations and 1.5 million transformers, built and operated to supply a high-quality, reliable service to 30.99 million electricity supply points.
  • Iberdrola also has more than 40,000 kilometres of gas pipelines for the transport and distribution of gas in the United States.
  • Iberdrola is a pioneer in the development of innovative projects to improve the reliability of electric supply.
  • In Spain, regulatory commitments required the deployment of smart meters for customers of less than 15kW (Type 5) after 2018, with the deployment of these meters for Type 4 customers (15 kW to 50 kW) during 2019. The are currently more than 10.97 million smart meters.
  • There is continued deployment of smart meters in the United Kingdom, with more than 1.5 million installed.
  • In the United States progress continues to be made in securing permits for the 233-km-long New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) construction project.
  • In Brazil a 500 kV static compensator was placed into service in São Paulo in 2019 and construction is advancing on almost 5,000 kilometres of transmission lines and 30 substations in 14 states.
Other assets
  • Iberdrola manages approximately 1,323,000 m2 of offices and work centres throughout the world, with a total of 843 properties, of which 266 are located in Spain, 89 in the United Kingdom, 167 in the United States, 301 in Brazil and 20 in the rest of the world. These properties, which follow the same corporate criteria in the interior spaces, are designed, built and operated in accordance with the strictest sustainability and efficiency standards.
  • Construction of the Iberdrola Campus at San Agustín del Guadalix has been completed, cementing its position as the group’s centre of excellence, training and events.
  • Real estate consolidation continues along the east coast of the United States, with real estate activities in the states of NY, MA, ME and CT to improve the efficiency and modernisation of the asset portfolio.
  • The integration and first phase of consolidation of the headquarters of Neoenergia has been completed. There is also work on the process of internalising the main functions of the Networks Business.
  • The construction of a new corporate headquarters in Mexico DF for approximately 500 employees has commenced
  • Iberdrola’s has consolidated its presence in the rest of the world, increasing its footprint in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Dublin and Melbourne.

Offer a secure supply of energy that is competitive in cost and quality

Average availability factor of Iberdrola's generation facilities

Iberdrola's average: 91.07%

Quality of electric supply

Average power outage duration 2019 2018
Spain TIEPI (min) 45.20 44.60
United Kingdom CML (min) 33.47 35.51
United States CAIDI (h) 1.93 2.07
Brazil DEC (h) 11.02 12.24
Power outage frequency 2019 2018
Spain NIEPI (number) 0.94 0.91
United Kingdom CI (ratio) 39.46 43.32
United States SAIFI (index) 1.17 1.22
Brazil FEC (frequency) 5.47 5.81

TIEPI: Installed Capacity Equivalent Interrupt Time.
CML: Customer Minutes Lost Per Connected Customer.
CAIDI: Customer Average Interruption Duration Index.
DEC: Equivalent Duration of Interruption by Consumer Unit.
NIEPI: Installed Capacity Equivalent Interrupt Number.
CI: Customer Interruptions Per 100 Connected Customers.
SAIFI: System Average Interruptions Frequency Index.
FEC: Equivalent Frequency of Interruption by Consumer Unit.

Fixed assets (€M)