Current Events

  • Pioneering the energy transition

    The Iberdrola group is committed to a sustainable, safe and competitive business model which replaces polluting sources of energy with clean ones and intensifies the decarbonisation. Therefore, we will invest more than €32 billion by 2022 in the electrification of the economy, innovation and technological advances, as well as to increase consumer connectivity.


Key Points

  • Sustainable cities

    They are that have been able to introduce greenery into the urban environment to reduce CO2 emissions, promote renewable energies, implemente the sustainable mobility and the use of public transport and are committed to a circular economy.


  • 'Alberto Giacometti. A Retrospective'

    The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum hosts the exhibition Alberto Giacometti. A Retrospective until 24 February 2019, sponsored by Iberdrola and dedicated to one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.


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European Week for Waste Reduction