Current Events

  • Iberdrola, the utility of the future

    The group accelerates the creation of value through five strategic pillars: profitable growth, operational excellence, customer focus, capital optimization and, finally, digitisation and innovation. Currently, we are approaching a stage of growth with a strong investment cycle between 2018 and 2022 of 32,000 million euros.


Key Points

  • With people and talent

    The professionals of the Iberdrola group form a global, multicultural, committed and qualified team that helps to create sustainable value, through the talent and hard work of its members.


  • 2018 Integrated Report

    We want to be a global energy leader and create a better future for people, known for our commitment to ethical principles, safety, quality and the environment.


Top Stories

  • #environmental sustainability #climate change

    Climate change.

    Climate change has ceased to be an exclusively environmental issue

    Climate change is affecting human security and stability in some regions of the planet. The search for the relationship between climate change and the appearance of conflicts has aroused the interest of the scientific community in the last few years and many related studies have been published.


  • #innovation #cybersecurity


    Biometrics, the technology that measures and analyses our biological data

    For a lot of people, the concept of biometrics sounds like something very remote, extremely scientific or completely unheard of. But the truth is that we are seeing it more and more in our daily lives and they say it will soon end up replacing our passwords or door keys.


  • #innovation #environmental sustainability

    Plastics at the sea.

    Plastics recycling, a complex reality that comes up to the surface

    Every year, twelve million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. A Spanish researcher, David Espinosa, has received an international award for his innovative project for the mass recycling of such packaging.


  • #society #internet

    Mobile Internet consumption.

    Mobile phones, the main way to connect us in 2018

    There are more and more mobile lines in the world, mobile phones have more functions and we spend more and more time interacting with this type of device. Here are the main Internet consumption habits on mobile devices globally.