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About Iberdrola

    Planta Fotovoltaica

    We are committed to the energy transition

    We are involved in a process of change towards a decarbonised economy, leading the energy transition for 20 years now.

    Galan empleados

    People, our main value

    The light we use every day depends on the work of more than 400,000 people who maintain and look after the electricity networks to provide the best service, with the priority of promoting clean energy.


    We are committed to moving forward and preserving the planet

    Find out the main figures of our Strategic Plan, with which we are committed to the environment for future generations.

    Plan Estrategico

    New strategic plan 2023-2025

    Here are 10 keys to the growth of a pioneering and committed global company.


    Leaders in onshore wind, allies of the sea and wind

    Two of the most important resources of our activity, the sea and the wind, are fundamental for the full development of wind energy installations.

    futuro sostenible

    Committed to a sustainable future

    As a solution to the energy crisis, we promote green projects and 100% clean transport.

    cambio climatico

    How we act against climate change

    We are leading the way to a greener future, developing renewable energy with the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Our activity


    Offshore wind

    Wind and sea, two of the inexhaustible resources we have on our planet, are key to our renewable development. Find out how we are leading the development of offshore wind energy around the world.

    Smart grids

    Smart Grids

    Smart grids are electricity grids that can intelligently and dynamically integrate the actions of all the users connected to them. Find out about the latest technological advances in this sector.


    Onshore wind

    Today we are leading the energy of the future with true innovation in the onshore wind sector.

    Port Augusta

    Hybrid plants

    We bring together competitive and complementary renewables to generate electricity from two or more sources.



    Find out about the keys and opportunities offered by self-consumption, a way of saving on electricity bills while combating climate change.


    Global Sustainable Mobility Plan

    The electrification of transport is one of the major challenges of the energy transition. We have a plan that is articulated in various actions that reinforce our commitment to sustainable mobility.


    We are committed to green hydrogen

    We are again ahead of the curve by promoting green hydrogen, a promising energy carrier for decarbonisation.

Our projects and installations in detail


    Inauguration of Puertollano's green hydrogen plant

    His Majesty King Felipe VI, accompanied by the Executive Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, has inaugurated our green hydrogen plant in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), the largest facility of its kind for industrial use in Europe.


    Evolution of the Tâmega hydroelectric complex in Portugal

    A huge step towards the energy of the future: renewable, indigenous and sustainable. We inaugurated one of the largest hydroelectric projects in Europe on the Tâmega River (Portugal) after 8 years of work.


    How a pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant works

    This type of power plant has two reservoirs at different heights that allow water to be stored at times of low demand and used to generate energy at peak times. Find out how it works.

    Blade lifter

    Blade lifter, an engineering challenge for the transfer of blades to wind farms

    Do you know Blade Lifter? This is the pioneering system in Europe that we use to transport the huge wind turbine blades.