Iberdrola presents its main operational data at the close of the Fiscal year 2020

The map of Iberdrola's facilities shows the main operational data of the company around the world. This map shows installed capacity, net production and other data such as energy distributed, supply points and customers in the countries where the group operates. The map information is regularly updated based on the latest quarterly results.

Installed capacity, Net production and Other data 12M 2020.
(*) Note: Total MW under management. For operational purposes IFRS 11 is not being applied.

The contribution of clean energies increased by 14.9 % at the close of the Fiscal year 2020 overall, and also rose in Spain (+16.8 %), the United Kingdom (+43.9 %), United States (+10.8 %), Mexico (+13.6 %) and in the subsidiary Iberdrola Energía Internacional (+32.8 %), with a greater contribution in particular from offshore wind power, up 98 %, hydroelectric power (+22.8 %) and onshore wind (+5.3 %). The company's installed capacity also grew by 5.8 % and now exceeds 55,000 MW.


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