Iberdrola makes progress with its renewable strategy: its installed green capacity grows more than 8.5 % and production in June was up 14 %

At the close of the First Half 2021, Iberdrola's renewable installed capacity increased by 8.6 % to 35,537 MW, enabling the company to reach a total capacity of 55,822 MW worldwide (+5.1 %). Onshore wind power has now reached 18,810 MW after growing 11 %, and solar has almost doubled to more than 2,200 MW. Energy production also increased to 82,901 GWh (+4.6 %), thanks to the boost from renewables, which grew by 14 %, with a notable increase in solar production (+108.9 %), offshore wind (+17.4 %) and hydroelectric power (+19.7 %).

Installed capacity, Net production and Other data, H1 2021.
(*) Note: Total MW under management. For operational purposes IFRS 11 is not being applied.


The Iberdrola facility map is an interactive way of viewing the company's main global operating data: the installed capacity of each technology, net electricity production and other data including distributed power, supply points and the group's customers in all the countries in which we operate.

The information on this map is updated every quarter, based on the results for the period, and it breaks down the installed capacity in each country and region according to the electricity generation technologies operated by the group: renewables (onshore wind, offshore wind, hydroelectric, mini-hydraulic, battery storage, solar and others); nuclear; combined cycle and cogeneration.


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