We work to provide shared added sustainable value for all of our Stakeholders

Iberdrola group sees the social dividend as a way of providing direct, indirect or induced added value to Stakeholders through our activities, while also helping to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Behind Social Dividend can be found:

  • Iberdrola's commitment to sustainable development.
  • The contribution to the progress of the societies into which Iberdrola becomes integrated and in which it wants to be a motor for economic, social and environmental change.
  • Share the success of Iberdrola's business project with all Stakeholders.
  • The direct, indirect and induced impacts of Iberdrola activities for all Stakeholders.
  • Iberdrola's response to the most relevant sector issues, the needs of its Stakeholders and the most important challenges faced by the communities in the countries in which it operates.
  • Iberdrola's boost to the business communities in which it participates and leads from an economic point of view, from the perspective of business ethics, promoting diversity, equality, inclusion, a sense of belonging and justice, encouraging innovation and environmental care through generating quality employment that guarantees equal opportunities and non-discrimination in managing people, as well as leadership in the fight against climate change.

The following chart is a summary overview of the most prominent aspects of Iberdrola's creation of value in each of its eight Stakeholders:

Main aspects of sustainable value contribution for our stakeholders


Quality employment and an equal, diverse and inclusive work environment:


Direct employment: 40,700 people

New recruitments: 4,700 people

Training: 68 hours per person per year

Diversity: 90 different nationalities

• Commitment to increase the number of women in positions of responsibility and relevance

Occupational safety: target 0 unsafe situations for 0 accidents

Flexibility and reconciliation measures 

Launch of Iberdrola's International Graduate Programme

Iberdrola Innovation and Training Campus

Shareholders and the financial community

Stability and return on invest:


Business model: resilient, responsible, sustainable and long term

Governance and sustainability system: based on ethics, good governance and transparency

Net profit: €4.3bn (+12%)

EBITDA: €13.2bn (+10%)

Cash flow: €11.1bn (+25%)

Dividend yield: 4.5%. Total shareholder return: 9.8%

Leadership in green and sustainable finance: €9.5bn

Sustainability rankings: presence in the most relevant rankings

Shareholder engagement measures: dialogue and participation


Regulatory entities

Institutional collaboration:


Leading the energy transition: investments in renewables, smart grids, large-scale energy storage and digital transformation

• ​​​​​​ Record investments: more than €10.73bn (+13%)

Taxonomy and investments: 90% investments in activities aligned with European taxonomy

2023-2025 Strategic Plan: investments of €47bn



Secure and competitive energy supply:


Quality of supply and resolution of weather incidents in record time

Smart grids: 76% of total networks 

Smart and innovative solutions: residential and industrial areas 

Customer experience: new digital initiatives

Vulnerable clients: protection procedures



Collaboration, traction and opportunities:


Purchases: €17.8bn

Local suppliers: 87% of purchases

Sustainable supply chain: 91% of the awarded amount allocated to suppliers assessed against ESG criteria

Promoting SDGs and HR in the supply chain

Partnerships and agreements: for joint emission reductions and to accelerate and facilitate the development of green products

The media

Transparency and accuracy of information:


Immediacy and ease of access to information

Innovation in formats and media

Constant collaboration

Society at large

Contribution to community development and to the ODS:


Impact on GDP: €37.152bn (*)

Direct, indirect and induced employment: 400,000 jobs (*)

Tax contribution: €7.5bn

Contribution to the community: €52M, according to international standard B4SI

Beneficiaries of foundation activity: 5.7M people

Innovation: €360 M. Leading private electricity company in R&D&I investment in the world

Iberdrola Campus and launch of the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

Start-up programme: more than 25 pilot projects with start-ups in IoT, robotics, batteries, grids, agrovoltaics, electric mobility and energy efficiency

Education and training: Agreements with universities. Internship programmes in the company (almost 1,000 vocational training and university students). International scholarship programmes for master's degree studies (43 scholarships)

Energy access (Electricity for All Programme): 11M beneficiaries

Participation in just transition initiatives

Volunteering: 7,000 volunteers and their families

Sport: support for 600,000 sportsmen and sportswomen

(*)Data corresponding to 2021, according to the study Economic, tax, social and environmental impact of Iberdrola in the world, prepared by PwC.

The environment

Combating climate change and protecting biodiversity:


Combatting climate change:

     - CO₂ emissions: 59 g/kWh: 4 times less than European average

     - Goal in 2030: to be carbon neutral in Scopes 1 and 2

     - Goal by 2040: Net zero in Scopes 1, 2 and 3

Global leadership in clean energy: 40,000 MW renewable installed capacity

Emission-free installed capacity: 80%.

Biodiversity protection: Conservation, restoration and tree planting programme: 2.5M trees

• Commitment to reduce water consumption

Circular economy: Wind turbine blade recycling initiative

 Download examples of how the group creates value for its Stakeholders [PDF]


We also highlight the best practices carried out in the countries in which Iberdrola has a presence: Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

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Good practices by country:



Special Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the Duero River Basin (Castile and León)


Over the past two years, Iberdrola has developed a special Engagement Plan in the area surrounding the facilities in the Duero basin, the purpose of which has been to strengthen relations with stakeholders in the area. This Plan, based on a process of active listening, has allowed Iberdrola to gain a deeper understanding of the expectations of the main stakeholders in the area, as well as to explain in detail the technical management of the reservoirs by our company. This initiative has been a fruitful exercise in communication with local and regional administrations, business associations and local groups (fishermen, sports clubs, irrigators, etc.). As a result, Iberdrola has launched various initiatives related to sustainable mobility (such as the installation of recharging points); with the commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change (reforestation in various municipalities); and sports activities (hiking).

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Employee networks focused on people

ScottishPower's Employee Networks are created and run with a real drive and interest in bringing people together, as their different backgrounds and experiences make teams stronger. Supported by ScottishPower and run entirely by employees, the growing number of networks have helped to build the business and also to attract and retain diverse talent and develop an open and supportive workplace where everyone can grow. Currently, there are specific networks, professional development, LGBT, gender, parenting and care, climate, multi-ethnicity, people with disabilities...

United States

United States

Active listening campaigns and public dissemination of the projects

For each of AVANGRID's Network Business projects, information and community involvement work is carried out by teams specialising in "Public Outreach". In this way, the community is given a voice and a communication channel is created through which the needs and expectations of the Stakeholders on the different projects are identified. This allows relevant issues to be addressed at an early stage in order to avoid potential obstacles in the future and to achieve positive results. The different public outreach campaigns include, among other actions, face-to-face meetings with the community, distribution of information brochures, website, surveys, billboards...



Public awareness campaign on how to take care of the electricity grid

Neoenergia companies launched the "Safe Community" Programme in 2022, focused on the safety of the population through the proper use of electricity. The aim of the campaign is to improve people's daily coexistence with the distribution grid through awareness-raising actions. These actions are based on the identification of the main causes of accidents with the grid and will be carried out mainly in schools, community organisations, social institutions and companies. They promote training and lectures, including the distribution of accident prevention bulletins. As a result, the number of accidents and fatalities dropped significantly during the year.



Responsible and sustainable partner company


Iberdrola México carries out multiple social and environmental projects of common interest to all its stakeholders.


These include programmes such as Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope), which brings electricity through solar systems to rural communities lacking electricity supply; Impulso STEM, which promotes the study of STEM careers among women; and Huertos Comunitarios (Community Gardens), which seeks food self-sufficiency, among others. To strengthen ties with our stakeholders, the Sustainable Alliances Programme was created to strengthen this relationship, especially among our customers, through volunteering, workshops and webinars.


All of them have a positive impact on the communities, improving the public's knowledge and opinion of the Company in a noticeable way.