Offshore wind power

Leaders in wind generation, also in the sea

Offshore wind power, key to Iberdrola's future growth and our commitment to the energy transition.

Twenty years ago, we at the Iberdrola Group were pioneers in onshore wind generation, and now we are doing the same in the offshore wind power market, one of the company's major growth areas. At the end of 2023, we have 1,793 MW offshore installed and 3,000 MW, which will come into operation before 2027 thanks to  significant investment worldwide.

We are ready for the future with the biggest renewables pipeline in the industry

Within Iberdrola's renewables portfolio, offshore wind energy is an important area, thanks to the growth experienced in the last 10 years and strong pipeline. We chose an investment focused on offshore wind in the US, UK, France and Germany, ensuring the fulfillment of our Strategic Plan, while pursuing growth opportunities.


  • Vineyard Wind 1 In construction - 806 MW
  • Park City Wind In development - 800 MW
  • Kitty Hawk In development - 3.5 GW
  • Commonwealth Wind In development - 1.2 GW


  • In development - 3 GW
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  • East Anglia ONE In operation - 714 MW
  • West of Duddon Sands In operation - 194 MW
  • East Anglia 3 Under construction - 1.4 GW
  • East Anglia 1N & 2 In development - 1.66 GW
  • ScotWind In development - 7 GW


  • In development -
    3.6 GW


  • Wikinger In operation - 350 MW
  • Baltic Eagle In construction - 476 MW
  • Windanker In development - 300 MW


  • St. Brieuc In construction - 496 MW
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  • In development - 1.8 GW


  • In development -
    1.2 GW


  • In development -
    Up to 3 GW
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We are continuing to grow to establish ourselves as the world leader in offshore wind farms

The significant experience in offshore wind puts us in an optimal position to participate in upcoming auctions and tenders for projects in our current portfolio and for expansion into new markets.

More about offshore wind

Everything you'd like to know about offshore wind farm construction

The harnessing of offshore wind energy requires the installation of impressive offshore wind farms with large wind turbines equipped with the latest technology. The design, construction, transport and installation of such mega-structures offshore is a technical challenge, highly refined with experience, and requires a process lasting several years.

How an offshore wind farm is built