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Service900 22 52 35

Learn here what can we do to help you and other phone attention numbers.


900 22 45 22

Learn here how can we help you.


Service900 17 11 71

Learn here how can we help you.

Customer attention phone number

Our Customer Service hotline Note (*) will help you with enquiries and formalities regarding your contracts, such as:
  • Update your details
  • Change direct debit account
  • Ask questions
  • Report a fault
  • Cancel your contract
  • Provide a meter reading
  • Get a new contract
  • Modify a contract
  • Learn about offers and promotions
  • Find out the status of an operation
  • Get information about faults
  • Get copies of bills
  • Make a complaint

We offer you the following hotline numbers for our available languages:

To be able to deliver a better service it is important that, before calling Customer Service line, you have an Iberdrola bill or the ID card of the owner of the contract at hand.

*Note : More information in https://www.iberdrola.es/customers/index

Technical assistance phone number

Our Technical Assistance hotline will help you with any formalities, such as:

Distribution-faults phone number

The following operations (*) can be performed through these channels:
  • Report and get information about incidents
  • Query scheduled work
  • Report a dangerous situation concerning an installation that pertains to Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica
  • Provide a meter reading
  • Make a complaint or claim
  • Open a file regarding utility connections
  • Query a file regarding utility connections
  • Check the processing status of an inspection dossier
  • Report a fraud situation
  • Check the processing status of a meter installation
  • Check Supply Point data
  • Access the meter's load curve
  • We offer a special service for information on incidents in the service provided for local institutions (Local Councils, Police and emergency services) that may be affected
*Note: More information in http://www.iberdroladistribucionelectrica.com