Corporate purpose and values

Committed to an energy model that prioritizes the well-being of people and the preservation of the planet

The Iberdrola Group has drawn up a distinctive, authentic and relevant corporate purpose, that contributes to bring the company closer to people, society as a whole and its Stakeholders. In order to achieve this, we have evolved our corporate values towards three concepts that inspire our entire strategy.

Our Purpose
To continue building together each day
a healthier, more accessible energy model,
based on electricity
To continue building
each day
a more accessible energy model,

based on
The creation of shared
The social dividend
The Corporate Social Responsibility
And therefore with the
Do you know what is a corporate purpose?
The corporate purpose goes beyond the company's mission — what it does — and vision — what it wants to be — and constitutes a profound expression of the reason for its existence and activities, including the expectations of the company, society and its Stakeholders. It therefore expresses the value that the company brings to society.
Discover what our corporate purpose expresses
Commitment with the people's well-being and the preservation of the planet
Commitment to a real energy transition worldwide
Drive to develop clean energies
Determination to build a more electric energy model
Conviction that a more electric energy model is also healthier for people
Ambition of having a new energy model more accessible to everyone
Desire to continue building this new model in collaboration with all the players involved

Our values

Sustainable energy

The Iberdrola group is always seeking to be an inspirational model by creating economic, social and environmental value wherever we are and looking to the future. This value expresses our commitment to:

  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Security
  • Transparency

Integrating force

The Iberdrola group has great strength and a great responsibility and therefore works by bringing talents together for a corporate purpose that is by all and for all. This value expresses our commitment to:

  • Diversity
  • Dialogue
  • Empathy
  • Solidarity

Driving force

The Iberdrola group makes small and large changes to make life easier for people, by being efficient and self-demanding, and always looking for continuing improvement. This value expresses our commitment to:

  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Agility
  • Anticipation