At the centre of our decisions

We are developing a responsible and sustainable business model which believes in keeping Stakeholders involved and bringing them shared added value.

Grupos de Interes

To achieve that, Iberdrola group is promoting a Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Policy [PDF], which aims to:

  • Continue encouraging the engagement of the Stakeholders in Iberdrola's business enterprise through a strategy of strong involvement in the communities in which it operates and the sustainable creation of value for all of them through our social dividend strategy.
  • Continue responding to their legitimate interests.
  • Continue building trust among them in order to build long-lasting, stable and robust relationships.
  • Encourage all Stakeholders to recognise the Company's commitment to diversity in the broad sense, particularly in all matters regarding the professional development of their members.
  • Contribute through all of the above to maintaining the corporate reputation in the various countries and businesses in which Iberdrola is active.

Behind them are millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of institutions, organisations and groups. All of them, with their decisions and opinions, influence the company and are also affected by our activities.

In addition, these Stakeholders interact with each other, creating a universe of relationships that Iberdrola needs to manage to achieve a better understanding of the environment where the company operates for more sustainable performance in our activities.

Iberdrola universe of relationships.