People, our most important asset

The professionals of the Iberdrola group form a global, multicultural, committed and qualified team that helps to create sustainable value, through the talent and hard work of its members.

The Iberdrola group is the sum of people from different cultures, the result of the internationalisation process that brought in ScottishPower (2007), Iberdrola USA (2008), now Avangrid1 Nota after the friendly merger with UIL Holdings Corporation (2015) and Neoenergia2 Nota 3 Nota (2017). Our team currently comprises over 30,000 people on our team

Our employees are a strategic asset, as they contribute with their work and talent to creating sustainable value. We form a multicultural team with a wide variety of affinities but with one common reference point: helping the company to grow and meeting the needs of our customers and shareholders, and society as a whole.


Our commitment to quality jobs, training, professional development and respect for diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination make us one of the favourite electricity companies for people to work at in the group's countries, such as, for example, Spain (merco Talento 2019 ranking).

1 Nota Avangrid,Inc. is 81,50% owned by Iberdrola, S.A.

2 Nota Neoenergia + Elektro aggregate accounts around 10,000 employees.

3 Nota Neoenergia, S.A. is 50% + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S.A.


  • Principles of the corporate culture in Iberdrola group

    SATISFACTION Of the customer and the shareholder
    RESULTS All our actions must be focused on results
    HUMAN CAPITAL We invest in our greatest asset, our workers
    PROFESSIONALISM Both for leaders, managers and/or technical staff
    MULTINATIONAL Teams with different cultures and locations, all working together
    INTEGRATION AND COMMITMENT To the organisation
    COMMUNICATION Open, transparent and systematic at all levels
  • Goals in the workplace

    CULTURE The consolidation of the group's corporate culture
    INTEGRATION Promoting integration (Welcome Programme)
    RECRUITMENT Definition of a basic recruitment model at the international level
    TRAINING Implementation of the integrated training management system (SAP system)
    DIVERSITY Raising awareness among our staff on the subject of diversity


    And with our international mobility plan we promote and encourage the mobility of our employees between countries through a series of programs designed both to cover the needs of the businesses and to further the personal development of the employees who work for our group.