View all the details of your orders, invoices and payments

This is where we want our suppliers to have access to the apps and user manuals where they can look up all the necessary information about orders, invoices and payments, as well as other relevant information. Until the end of 2020, we will gradually transfer MY INFORMATION from the SRM application to a more user-friendly application called MInfo.


If you are already a supplier and have a contractual relationship with the Iberdrola group, find out how to register on the new Minfo app here (available solely to Iberdrola group suppliers), where you can look up all the details associated with your orders, invoices and payments.

We have created the following manual to make things easy for you, and suggest you read it carefully:

To access your information, you first need to register, by entering the basic supplier data.


After registering, you will be able to access Minfo app to see:

 Basic data: View the basic information in the Iberdrola database (address, telephone number, etc.)

 Orders / framework contracts: find out the status of your orders or framework agreements. Generate copies of orders / framework agreements.

 Invoices and payments: see the status of your invoices and payments (both those entered and those planned).

See my details,
bills and payments

   Minfo user guides

Access to the application is centralised through a single administrator/user who is responsible for registering the other viewers/users.

Several people in your organisation may need to access the application to look up information, so you must create an Administrator to manage the basic data and grant access to the different viewers.

We have created the following manual to explain the functions of the administrator and the viewers on the system. We strongly recommend that you consult it before connecting:

The manual on how to make queries and navigate the tool can be found inside the application.

Between July and the end of 2020, the current MY INFORMATION menu in the Iberdrola Group's Tender Management System (SRM) will be gradually migrated to the new MInfo tool. Suppliers who are already registered on the MY INFORMATION menu on the SRM application will receive an invitation to access the new tool. If you have not received one yet and would like to start using MInfo, you can request registration using the "Registration Request" banner above. For the time being, you can still access MY INFORMATION from the following link:

Access my orders
and invoices

* At the end of 2020, suppliers will only be able to access their data through the new MInfo tool.

   SRM user guides

The following manual is for the Coordinator, and the contact persons in your company:

The manuals on how to make queries and navigate the tool can be found inside the application.

All the information is confidential between the Iberdrola group companies and their suppliers, and includes the data contained on the Iberdrola group information system at the time of the query.

The Iberdrola group has taken all the technical precautions possible to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data queried.

The Iberdrola group waives all liability for the consequences of misuse of the information or manipulation of the information presented here by third parties when this is not within its control.


With the aim of advancing our goal of reducing our carbon footprint, contributing to greater protection of the environment and improving the efficiency and management of our procedures, the Iberdrola group is inviting its suppliers to join e-Billing as the way to issue invoices to group companies.

This method of invoicing offers the following advantages:

 Shorter invoice confirmation time.

 Less expenditure on postage.

 Simplified administration: no risk of documents going astray or errors in the recording process.

E-Billing the Iberdrola group is done through the e-FACTURA.net channel, so we ask those interested in joining this system to please contact CAS (cas.admon@iberdrola.es) for further information.

In addition, we remind you that the SELF-REGISTRATION of invoices as an invoicing method out of service on October 1, 2020, so the suppliers that use it will have to decide whether to move to e-BILLING or return to sending printed invoices to the group offices.

To check invoices and manage payments from suppliers, Neoenergia uses its website https://portalfornecedor.neoenergia.com.

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