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Iberdrola, a benchmark for our sustainable energy model

We have undergone a profound transformation, anticipating the current energy transition by 20 years to meet the challenges of climate change and the need for a clean, reliable and smart business model.

Today, at the Iberdrola Group we are leaders in renewables and smart grids, we have a diversified portfolio of businesses and geographies, we are present in highly rated countries and we have demonstrated our financial strength, expertise and execution capabilities. Furthermore, 90% of our long-term investment plan is aligned with the green investment criteria included in the European Union taxonomy.

Committed to a model that prioritises people and the preservation of the planet...

At the Iberdrola Group, we have formulated a differentiating, authentic and relevant corporate purpose that contributes to a greater connection of the company with people, society as a whole and its Stakeholders.

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...which we promote in collaboration with our Stakeholders

Involvement and collaboration with Stakeholders allows us to develop a responsible business model that drives the energy transition and the creation of shared value for all of them. These are our Stakeholders.

Public affairs
Ignacio Galán

"Over more than two decades, we have built a strong track record of performance and our plans ensure that Iberdrola will continue to be at the heart of delivering the smart grid and renewable energy improvements that the energy transition requires around the world."

Ignacio S. Galán

Executive Chairman of Iberdrola

We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for socially responsible management

Iberdrola carries out its activities with the goal of creating sustainable value for all of its Stakeholders: this is what we call our social dividend. We therefore incorporate into our strategy the three pillars used internationally to measure the impact and sustainability of investments: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, as a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

Illustration of an offshore wind farm, grids and a photovoltaic plant.

Iberdrola, world leader in renewable energies

The Iberdrola Group began its commitment to renewable energies more than two decades ago as a fundamental pillar on which to build its clean, reliable and intelligent business model. Thanks to this vision, the company is today a world leader in renewable energies, with more than 42.187 MW of renewable capacity installed worldwide by the end of 2023, and is leading the energy transition towards a low-emission economy.

This commitment is reflected in our Strategic plan 2024-2026, based on more smart grids, on selective growth in renewables, and on strengthening our leadership in storage to promote a safe, clean and competitive system to accelerate the energy transition.

This Strategic Plan's growth is based on organic investments focused on developing grids in markets with high credit ratings and selective growth in renewables.

Illustration with onshore wind farm, photovoltaic plant and a girl on a bicycle.