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Iberdrola, a Benchmark stock

Iberdrola shares are listed on all four Spanish stock markets and are traded through the electronic continuous market (Spanish Stock Exchange). The company also has an ADR External link, opens in new window. (American Depositary Receipt) program sponsored by Citibank and its subsidiary Avangrid External link, opens in new window. is listed on the NYSE External link, opens in new window. (New York Stock Exchange). Furthermore, its subsidiary Neoenergia External link, opens in new window. is listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

Iberdrola is also part of over 65 internationals indices such as the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 External link, opens in new window., made up of the fifty largest and most liquid stocks in the euro zone, or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index External link, opens in new window., which brings together companies with the best sustainability profile.

In this section, you can find everything related to our stock market information; share price, daily operations and their variation, share data (share series) and the company's share history.

It also has an investment calculator where you can find out the current value of your Iberdrola share portfolio, the change in value of your investment and the price of each of the purchases made over a given period of time.

For information on the composition of the shareholding structure and significant shareholdings of Iberdrola S.A., you can find it in detail on our significant shareholders page.

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