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  • About Iberdrola  

    We are committed to moving forward and preserving the planet

    Find out the main figures of our Strategic Plan, with which we are committed to the environment for future generations.

  • About Iberdrola  

    People, our main value

    The light we use every day depends on the work of more than 400,000 people who maintain and look after the electricity networks to provide the best service, with the priority of promoting clean energy.



  • 18:50  
    Unidos por el viento

    ‘United by the wind’

    'United by the wind' is a podcast produced by Iberdrola that delves into the qualities and benefits of this inexhaustible resource, its influence on the history of civilisations as well as the curiosities surrounding it and its role in meteorological studies and energy production.

  • 39:18  
    Podcast movilidad

    ‘The electric car, a reality with a bright future’

    In this podcast produced by Iberdrola, relevant issues of sustainable mobility are addressed from a theoretical and practical point of view. Discover how to go on holiday with an electric vehicle and some key questions such as how long the battery of an electric car lasts.