Iberdrola projects

EAST ANGLIA ONE, Saint Brieu, Támega..., Iberdrola works on different projects worldwide which have become milestones in our company, given their relevance and their innovative approach.

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  • At Iberdrola group we have begun a pilot project based on using blockchain to guarantee, in real time, that the energy supplied and consumed is 100% renewable. Using this technology, we have managed to link plants where electricity is produced to specific points of consumption, allowing the source of the energy to be traced. This increases transparency and ultimately encourages the use of renewable energy.

  • MeteoFlow is a comprehensive system for predicting medium and long-term meteorological variables at all types of renewable facility. Entirely developed by Iberdrola Renovables, it is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2019, and its latest goal is already clear: to predict sea conditions. Pilar Orellana, the manager in charge of monitoring the project's results, gives you a detailed description of the forecasting system.

    According to the review of Strategic Perspectives 2018-2022, launched in February, in London, renewables are still among the group's mainstays, with 39% of a total €34,000 million investment will be allocated to this business area. Within renewables, the company is investing heavily in offshore wind generation.

  • Hydroelectric energy is generated by converting kinetic energy from water into electrical energy. To harness this power, enormous hydroelectric infrastructures are built to extract maximum power from this renewable emission-free, local resource. Learn all about it.

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    Denmark covered 95.8% of its demand for electricity on 22 February 2017 with wind power. A month later, on 21 March, Germany reached a 53% rate of coverage.