Shareholder Engagement Policy

Shareholders: Iberdrola promotes dialogue, close communication and actions to benefit its shareholders.

 Recognitions and Awards

Iberdrola is the first Spanish company and one of the pioneers worldwide in setting up a Shareholder Engagement Policy [PDF], which is the material evidence of Iberdrola's commitment to dialogue, close communication and actions to benefit its shareholders.

This policy approved by the company's Board of Directors in February 2015, reviewed and updated in July 2016, is an ambitious project that aims to reinforce the status of the shareholder as a central component in the company´s corporate governance and boost shareholder rights. It sets out the principles that should govern two-way interaction with shareholders in order to encourage their involvement in the life of the company and maintain a constructive, ongoing, and effective dialogue with them that helps align their interests and those of the company.


On November 14th and 15th Iberdrola has organized two seminars in Bilbao and Madrid in order to present the latest trends in corporate governance where the company is at the forefront as regards best practices. In fact, during 2016, Iberdrola has been selected for the third year in a row as the European utility with the best corporate governance in the Best Corporate Governance Awards organised on an annual basis by Ethical Boardroom.

The main channel for shareholder participation is the General Shareholders' Meeting. For that reason, the General Shareholders' Meetings of 2015 and 2016 were held as part of the Shareholder Day and there were various presentations and activities designed to bring the company closer to shareholders and encourage dialogue with them. Also, its interactive OLS-On-Line Shareholders system, allows the participants to make contact directly and informally with various directors.

The group gives service and prompt response through the Office of the Shareholder, the Shareholders' Club and the Investor Relations department, all channels for establishing a personal and long-lasting relationship with its shareholders, based on constant service and the transparency and reliability of the information supplied.


The company has launched ComunicA, a pioneering video-interpreter service designed to deal with enquiries from investors and shareholders with hearing impairments and provide them with personalised advice.

Through this service, Iberdrola shareholders and investors can call a Priority Attention Hotline (TAP, for its acronym in Spanish) using the SVisual telephone platform, which enables communication through either a video-interpreter (by sign language) or a chat. This makes ComunicA a service that is accessible to anyone with a hearing impairment, regardless of the type and level of impairment or whether they use sign language or not.