Recognition of the Shareholder Engagement Policy

Shareholders: Iberdrola promotes dialogue, close communication and actions to benefit its shareholders.

 Recognitions and Awards

Iberdrola is the first Spanish company and one of the pioneers worldwide in formalising a Shareholder Engagement Policy [PDF], which is the material evidence of Iberdrola's commitment to dialogue, close communication and actions to benefit its shareholders.

This policy has been approved by the Company's Board of Directors, and is one of the cornerstones of its strategy in the sphere of corporate governance.

With this project, Iberdrola aims to encourage constant two-way communication to benefit small shareholders. In addition to holding the General Shareholders Meeting within the framework of Shareholders' Day the company also plans to set up online meetings through its interactive OLS-On-Line Shareholders system, thus allowing the participants to make contact directly and informally with various directors.

The Group gives service and prompt response through the Office of the Shareholder, the Shareholders' Club and the Investor Relations department, all channels for establishing a personal and long-lasting relationship with its shareholders, based on constant service and the transparency and reliability of the information supplied.