We ensure a fair, transparent and ethical value chain

Suppliers are strategic Stakeholders within Iberdrola group, and as such as they are considered our business partners. The Purchasing and Insurance Division engages the supplier from the very first contact with the group and maintains a proactive attitude towards the external requirements and the development of new capacities. At all times, the company seeks to guarantee a fair, transparent and ethical value chain. And, to this end, we provide our suppliers with various resources and materials.


Purchasing Report 2020 2021.

Purchasing Report 2020-2021 [PDF]

We present the Iberdrola group's latest Regular Supplier Purchasing and Management Report.
Contribution to sustainability in 2020.

Contribution to sustainability in 2020 [PDF]

Find out how our purchases support business, industrial and social development and boost job creation.
Human rights and business.

Human rights and business

Access our online human rights awareness module and discover the impact of your operations.

Biodiversity [PDF]

All businesses depend on biodiversity, so here's what you can do to help conserve it.