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This page includes the best podcasts on climate change, its context and consequences.

  • Climate change

    What is climate change: learn about the consequences and tips and solutions to avoid it


  • Climate change, agriculture and livestock

    Agriculture and livestock: learn more about these sectors that are both victims and source of climate change


  • Energy and climate change

    Do you know why is energy key in the fight against climate change?


  • Climate change and transport

    Mobility is vital to our lives but, how much do they contaminate and what are the consequences?


  • Electric energy and climate change

    We analyse how the consumption of electricity has an impact on climate change and how it is part of the solution


  • Climate change, cities and quality of air

    Air quality is a global problem, not only for the preservation of Earth but also to human health


  • Biodiversity and climate change

    What is biodiversity, why is its preservation important and how can it affect climate change?


  • Climate change and economy

    Find out about the challenge that society and economies are facing to combat climate change


  • Health and climate change

    Learn about the close relationship between climate change and human health


  • Civil responsibility

    What have we done as humans to reach this situation of global warming and how can each one of us help to change it?


  • Climate change. 2050 Prospects

    2050 Prospects: see the devastating consequences of not fighting climate change