Raising young people's awareness of the risks of climate change

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Iberdrola promotes EducaClima, a website with educational resources on climate change and sustainability developed by and for teachers.

Some of the main objectives of EducaClima are to alert young people of the causes, impact and consequences of climate change, teach them about the vulnerability of nature to human pressures, and help them understand the role that energy and mobility have as the solution to this global challenge. It also aims to encourage responsible and efficient consumption of resources.

The platform — created with the collaboration of teachers specialized in educational innovation so their contents fit into the school curriculum — offers free teaching, learning and assessment totally downloadable, grouped into five thematic blocks:

 Introduction to climate change


 Waste and responsible consumption

 Nature and biodiversity

 Energy and mobility

Each of these resources falls within an area of knowledge and is targeted to a specific age group, ranging from 3 to 18.

Useful resources for teachers 

The platform offers several useful tools for teachers:

  • Browser: by subject, content type, knowledge field, age and language.
  • Agenda: educational events related to the climate change.
  • Blog: posts about the resources and highlighted activities.
  • Newsletter: teachers can subscribe to stay updated with news.

The EducaClima project was created with the goal of being open to the entire educational community: students, teachers, families, non-teaching school staff, educational administration, local government, social bodies and organisations. All of them can be contacted by email ( or social media profiles.


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